Since 2014, when the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund was first created, it has been an important partnership between the provincial government and Manitoba hunters and anglers providing over $8.5 million to 271 of fish and wildlife projects.

The Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) was established under the authority of the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Act to support the conservation of critical fish and wildlife habitat and populations through projects recommended by Manitoba anglers, hunters and trappers. 

Projects are identified through a competitive grant process overseen by the minister-appointed Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Committee and through innovative leadership projects recommended by the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Committee.

In 2020, the Province of Manitoba made an historic $20 million investment to establish an endowment fund with The Winnipeg Foundation to ensure long-term funding support projects that enhance the sustainable use and management of Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations.

In addition to the $20 million investment, the Province of Manitoba makes an annual contribution of 10% of the licence fees collected from Manitoba angling, hunting and trapping licence sales.


For more information or to apply to FWEF, please visit or contact a grants associate by email at