Housing and Community Development

Manitoba Housing and Community Development

Manitoba is investing in the future with vision of strong, healthy communities where individuals and families thrive.  By working together with community partners, we are building and supporting communities and revitalizing neighbourhoods.

Our programs create strong communities:

Manitoba Housing:

Provides social and affordable housing throughout the province.

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To find out more about how we are creating strong communities through these programs read the Housing News

Community Places

The Community Places Program provides funding and planning assistance to non-profit community organizations for facility construction, upgrading, expansion or acquisition projects. Eligible projects are those which provide sustainable recreation and wellness benefits to communities.

Co-operative Development Services:

Co-operative Development Services provides support and direction to entrepreneurs who choose the cooperative model. 

Neighbourhoods Alive!:

Neighbourhoods Alive! supports and encourages community-driven revitalization efforts in designated neighbourhoods across Manitoba focusing on employment and training, education and recreation, safety and crime prevention and housing and physical improvements.

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