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Housing and Community Development Strategic Framework



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  • Terms and conditions:

    Sample Contract

    • Architectural Services Agreement (PDF): This applies to architectural projects that provide full scope of professional services as detailed in description of services

    Other Documents:

    • Request for Equal Form (PDF): This form applies to a manufacturer, supplier or contractor who is requesting for a product substitution as equal to specified product in the project manual or bid documents.

    • Supplier Direct Deposit Form (PDF) This form is for Manitoba Housing suppliers to receive direct deposit instead of payment by cheque

    • Supplier Information Form (PDF) Complete this form if you are a new supplier, a current supplier updating your business information or upon request by Manitoba Housing

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Please note that our phone numbers have changed:

Phone is now: (204) 945-4755
Fax is now: (204) 945-5710
Toll Free is now: 1 (800) 661-4663

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