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Tenant Handbook

This handbook outlines information about:

  • your rights and your responsibilities
  • the rights and responsibilities of your landlord, Manitoba Housing
  • information for your health, safety and security
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Manitoba Housing Tenant Handbook (PDF)


As a Manitoba Housing tenant, you are responsible for:

  • paying your rent on time
  • paying your utility bills, if utilities are not included in the rent
  • notifying Manitoba Housing of any decrease or increase in your income
  • informing Manitoba Housing about any change in the number of people living in your home
  • keeping your home safe for all occupants and visitors
  • ensuring your home is clean and free of damage
  • helping keep common areas tidy and free of debris
  • repairing, to an acceptable standard, any damages caused by you or visitors to your home, as soon as possible (The landlord may give you a written request to make these repairs.)
  • complying with the terms of your tenancy agreement, and The Residential Tenancies Act
  • complying with Manitoba Housing's rules and regulations, as attached to your lease agreement. Please see staff at your Manitoba Housing leasing office for information about your tenancy
  • ensuring you and your guests don't disturb others or endanger the safety of others in the building or on a neighbouring property If you do not meet these responsibilities, you may be asked to leave. (See page 43, for more information.)

As your landlord, Manitoba Housing is responsible for:

  • repairing your home within a reasonable time
  • ensuring your home is reasonably safe by having proper doors and locks
  • ensuring your home is available on the day your tenancy is to begin
  • providing a rent receipt when you pay your rent in cash
  • paying your utility bills, if utilities are included in the rent
  • investigating any complaints about a tenant disturbing other tenants or neighbours and trying to resolve the problem
  • respecting your tenancy agreement and The Residential Tenancies Act
  • providing at least 24 hours notice before entering your unit to do repairs




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