The Archives of Manitoba, including the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, is currently closed to the public. Buildings are only open to necessary staff. Work continues remotely and staff is responding to inquiries. Read more or contact us for more information.

Copy Services

Many of the records in our collection may be reproduced for research, private study or legal purposes. There are options for both self-service copying and ordering copies from the Archives.

Copies provided are subject to the Archives of Manitoba's Terms Governing Use of Copies (PDF).

For information about citing archival records, consult the Archives of Manitoba’s Citation Guide (PDF).

Contact us if you have any questions.

Self-service copying

Consult the Guide to Self-Service Copying (PDF) for more information.

Microfilm scans and prints

Clients may make microfilm scans and prints from microfilm in the Archives Research Room. The Archives has microfilm printer/scanners available for public use. Microfilm numbers may be identified through the Keystone database. (Microfilm may also be ordered through our microfilm loan program.)

  • Clients may sign up for a time slot on the sign-up sheet in the Archives Research Room to use a microfilm printer/scanner.
  • Clients may bring a USB memory stick or CD to save microfilm scans.
  • There is no charge for microfilm scans. It is a free self-service option. Microfilm prints cost 50 cents per page, plus applicable taxes.
  • The Archives of Manitoba does not make microfilm scans or prints for clients.

Photographing records

Clients may photograph archival records, provided that the condition of the records is not compromised and that there are no restrictions on copying. Easels, cradles and weights may be provided by Archives staff, as needed, to support the records.

Moving images and sound reproductions:

Clients may reproduce access copies of moving image and sound records for research or private study using their own equipment providing there are no copy restrictions on the records.

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Ordering copies

Consult the Guide to Ordering Copies (PDF) for more information.

Photocopies and moving image and sound reproductions:

  • The Archives will photocopy for a maximum of 5 minutes per order (approximately 20 pages, depending on the complexity of the order). Clients may not submit more than one copy request per day. (Please note the Archives does not create scanned copies of records.)
  • For photocopy requests submitted in the Archives Research Room, clients must flag the pages for which copies are requested by using flags provided by Archives staff.
  • For moving image and sound reproductions, many orders will need to be outsourced depending on the size of the order and the format and condition of the records. Archives staff will contact clients to discuss options before proceeding.
  • Complete the Copy Request Form (PDF) and submit to Archives staff.
  • Prices are as follows:
Price List
Format Price
Photocopies 50 cents per page, plus applicable taxes
DVDs $20, plus applicable taxes
Audiocassette (cassettes supplied by researcher) $10, plus applicable taxes

*Note that shipping charges will be added to orders shipped in the mail.

Photographic copies:

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