Business and Economic Development

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Starting your own business can be an enriching and exciting experience, and it is our goal to help you achieve success by enhancing the growth of Manitoba's entrepreneurial and business community.


Tax Credits and Programs


Learn more about entrepreneurial and incentive opportunities available within the province.

Cannabis Retail Framework


While the federal government made the decision to legalize cannabis, provinces and territories were tasked with developing regulations in certain areas. Our department of Growth, Enterprise and Trade is responsible for the retail cannabis model.

Cooperative Development Services

Cooperative Development Services is a branch of Growth, Enterprise and Trade that provides support and direction to entrepreneurs who choose the cooperative model. 

Cooperative Housing Strategy for Manitoba

Social Enterprise

A social enterprise competes to deliver goods and services to customers in the marketplace. However, social enterprises differ from traditional businesses in that profits are re-invested to achieve, sustain and further its social or environmental purpose while still ensuring financial viability.

Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy


The Industrial Technology Centre helps companies apply innovative tools, technologies and practices to improve products, increase productivity, and boost competitiveness.

The Vehicle Technology Centre (VTC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the competitiveness and continued vibrancy of Manitoba's heavy vehicle manufacturing sector.

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