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Employment Standards Code Highlights

Manitoba Minimum Wage
All Employees: $11.95 per hour, effective October 1, 2021


General Adult Minimum Wage Rates Across Canada

Jurisdiction Rate $/hr
Nunavut $16.00
British Columbia $15.20
Northwest Territories $15.20
Yukon $15.20
Alberta $15.00
Ontario $14.35
Quebec $13.50
Prince Edward Island $13.00
Nova Scotia $12.95
Newfoundland and Labrador $12.75
Manitoba $11.95
Saskatchewan $11.81
New Brunswick $11.75

As of October 1, 2021
Source: The Canadian Payroll Association


Overtime Wage Rate
The overtime rate in Manitoba is 1.5 times the regular or straight time rate. An employee must be paid the overtime rate for all hours worked beyond 8 hours in a day or 40 hours a week. Overtime must be authorized by employers (separate wage rate and standard hours of work regulations exist for the construction industry).  More detail on overtime and hours of work can be found at the Employment Standards Branch.


Average hourly earnings for employees paid by the hour, including overtime, all industries


CANADA $26.97
Alberta $28.63
British Columbia $27.55
Saskatchewan $27.44
Newfoundland and Labrador $27.43
Quebec $26.99
Ontario $26.64
Manitoba $25.25
New Brunswick $24.44
Nova Scotia $24.07
Prince Edward Island $23.02

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 14-10-0206-01  Average hourly earnings for employees paid by the hour, by industry, annual
Information last accessed on April 8, 2021


Vacation Pay
Employees who have worked for the same employer for a full year are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation. When employees complete their fifth year of work with an employer, they are entitled to three weeks vacation.

Vacation pay is calculated based on the earnings in the previous year. For detailed information regarding vacation pay, please visit the Employment Standards Branch.

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