Section F: Records of Related and Subsidiary Companies

Types of Records

North West Company Records

Minute Books (F.1)

Minutes of the annual council held annually in July at Kaministiquia, later known as Fort William. Subjects include the distribution of the wintering partners, internal disputes, competition with the HBC. Arranged chronologically with an abstract of the minutes preceding the volume.

Post Journals (F.2)

Post journal for Athabaska, 1786, attributed to Cuthbert Grant. The journal records weather, arrivals, departures and describes trade with the Indians. A statement of accounts with various traders, inventories of goods, and lists of goods consigned to trade in the district are also included. Arranged chronologically, with a nominal index to the accounts included in the volume.

Correspondence (F.3)

Originals and contemporary copies of inward correspondence chiefly addressed to Simon McTavish, Frobisher and Company, Montreal, but also including inter-post correspondence. The correspondence relates to a variety of matters affecting the conduct of the business, competition from the Hudson's Bay Company and personal matters. Arranged chronologically.

Accounts (F.4)

  • Account Books: the accounts vary in format but generally list kind, quantity and value of goods credited to various companies and individuals. Arranged chronologically.
  • Ledger: the ledger has been microfilmed in two sections. Reel 5M7 includes the complete index and the left-hand side of the ledger (pp. 1–1179). Reel 5M8 includes the complete index and the right hand side of the ledger (pp. 2–1180).
  • Miscellaneous Accounts: includes bills, receipts, inventories, statements of traders, accounts, lists of prices, lists of persons in the Columbia District, packing accounts and other papers. Arranged chronologically.

Servants' Contracts (F.5)

Contracts of servants of the North West Company. Many are in French. Volumes 1 and 2 are arranged chronologically; volume 3 is arranged alphabetically.

Deeds and Agreements (F.6)

Deeds and agreements relating to the formation of the North West Company Partners' Trust. Included are instructions, powers of attorney and other documents such as facsimile of a grant of arms to William and Simon McGillivray, 6 June 1823. Arranged chronologically.

Legal Opinions and Legal Cases (F.7)

Opinions and cases of leading members and firms which composed the North West Company. The opinions are in some instances preceded by a statement of the history of the case. Arranged chronologically.