Minister's Message

As the Minister of Conservation and Climate, I welcome you to embrace everything that Manitoba has to offer! The Conservation and Climate departmental website is your portal to the many government programs and services that protect our environment, natural resources and address climate change.

Our website is where you will find information to help plan your trip to any one of our parks, in any season. With Manitoba’s sprawling arctic tundra in the north to the prairie grasslands in the south bookending lush boreal forests and pristine freshwater lakes everywhere in between, there is always something exciting to do and explore in our province any time of the year. The new online licensing and permit system now makes it even easier for you to obtain your park vehicle permit before you head out to enjoy any of Manitoba’s 92 provincial parks, covering four million hectares of diverse land and wildlife.

During the fire season, information regarding wildfires is updated regularly on our site, allowing Manitobans and visitors to our province to make informed decisions with accurate data. The Wildfire Service works at wildfire prevention, detection and suppression and everyone has a role to play in minimizing wildfire risk and accessing our forests and natural areas in a safe and responsible manner.

We continue to strive toward our vision to be the cleanest, greenest, most climate-resilient province in Canada, helping Manitobans save energy and invest in greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Through the implementation of the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, Efficiency Manitoba, and new initiatives, we plan to uphold our status as one of the cleanest energy jurisdictions in Canada and advance our new vision for energy efficiency. You can find out more about the actions we’re taking here.

Increased waste diversion and recycling is a key priority for my department. Improved recycling and waste diversion not only saves valuable landfill space and resources; it also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Innovative policies and programs related to waste diversion and recycling in Manitoba will help us all collectively create a cleaner and greener Manitoba.

Our website is also the home to the public registry files for projects undergoing environmental assessment under The Environment Act and projects applying for licensing under The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act. Through our site, in addition to the EngageMB site, you can share comments on these proposals.

Through meaningful and respectful engagement with Indigenous peoples, private citizens, and communities, we will continue to act on our commitment to protect the health of our natural environment and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Thank you for visiting our site, and enjoy all that Manitoba has to offer!