Drinking Water Advisories in Manitoba

Drinking Water Advisories in Manitoba map below illustrates the locations of Boil Water Advisories (BWA), Water Quality Advisories (WQA), and Drinking Water Avoidance Advisories (DWAA), issued for both Public Water Systems (PWS) and Semi-Public Water Systems (SPWS).

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Short-term: Water systems listed as short-term are taking immediate steps to address the advisory. The majority of advisories in this category are issued due to minor operational problems that can be easily and timely addressed. Also under this category are water systems that have been under advisory for a longer period of time and are in the process of upgrading their water supply to address the advisory.

Medium-term: Water systems listed as medium-term are taking steps to address the advisory within a two to three year period. The majority of advisories in this category are issued due to minor treatment problems that require the installation of basic treatment equipment.

Long-term: Water systems listed as long-term require significant financial capital funding to address major operational and treatment problems. The majority of the advisories in this category were issued due to a lack of critical treatment processes.

DISCLAIMER: These maps are provided for informational, non-commercial, personal purposes only. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information and locations. Conditions may arise where a central or approximate location will be used. The maps do not represent a legal survey or legal descriptions and should not be used for any other purpose requiring exacting measurements or locations. Users of these maps are advised to contact their local Drinking Water Officer, or Regional Health Authority for more detailed information.