Slave Falls Generating Station

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Slave Falls Generating Station is located on the Winnipeg River, approximately 160 km northeast of Winnipeg by road and 10 km down river from Pointe du Bois.

The Slave Falls Generating Station was constructed between 1928 and 1948. The plant was built by City Hydro, later known as Winnipeg Hydro. Manitoba Hydro acquired Slave Falls in 2002.

The Slave Falls Generating Station is a run-of-river hydroelectric generating facility consisting of an 8-unit close-coupled intake/powerhouse with a generating capacity of 72 MW, a 28-bay north spillway, 15-bay south spillway (creek spillway), 7-bay north sluiceway, 3-bay ice sluiceway, 2-bay regulating sluiceway, concrete non-overflow dams, and earthfill dykes.

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