Jenpeg Generating Station

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Jenpeg Generating Station

The Jenpeg Generating Station is located 525 km (326.2 miles) north of the City of Winnipeg, at the point where the west channel of the Nelson River flows into Cross Lake. The generating station is accessible by Provincial Highway #6 and Provincial Road #373. The nearest community is Cross Lake, which is about 19 km (11.8 miles) northeast of the station.

The Jenpeg Generating Station consists of an intake structure, a 6 unit powerhouse, main earth dams, ancillary dams and dykes and a 5 bay spillway. Jenpeg's powerhouse and spillway structures are primarily used to control the outflow from Lake Winnipeg, which in turn is used as a reservoir to store water to ensure enough water is available to run the northern generating stations.

The Jenpeg reservoir consists of the forebay immediately upstream of the station, the outlet lakes (Playgreen Lake, North Playgreen Lake, and Kiskittogisu Lake) and Lake Winnipeg. The immediate forebay extends from the Kisipachewuk Channel north to the Jenpeg Generating Station, and has a total area of 47,696 sq. m (0.18 sq. miles) and a fetch length of approximately 5.5 kilometres (3.4 miles).

Jenpeg's primary purpose is to regulate the discharge in the West Channel of the Nelson River. The East Channel of the Nelson River is unregulated. The generation of electricity is Jenpeg's secondary function.


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