Residential Lead Monitoring Program

The Office of Drinking Water began phasing in lead testing requirements in 2019, beginning with Manitoba’s largest and oldest water systems with known or suspected lead service lines. Water systems selected to implement the Residential Lead Monitoring Program will receive a letter from the Director of the Office of Drinking Water, directing owners/operators to begin testing the Spring following the date of the letter and as per the instructions outlined in the Operational Guideline on Monitoring for Lead at the Tap.

Water systems that did not receive a director’s letter, but wish to begin testing, should contact their regional drinking water officer before initiating testing.

The Office of Drinking Water has prepared materials to assist owners/operators in developing and implementing their Residential Lead Monitoring Program, including templates designed for communicating and notifying residents of the program.

Program Development

Public Outreach

The following templates can be in a letter or door-hanger format.

Notification of Results