Paws in Parks

Pets are welcome in Manitoba provincial parks. Many park visitors find that bringing pets enhances their overall outdoor experience; however, pets and their owners share the park experience with all other visitors.

Pet Friendly Cabins and Yurts

Because no one likes to leave their four-legged family members at home, Manitoba Parks is introducing a limited number of Pet Friendly cabins and yurts for visitors who want to bring their cat or dog.  Check the Parks Reservation Service website for available Pet Friendly options.

Please note: A maximum of two pets are allowed in a designated Pet Friendly Cabin or Yurt.  Pets may not be left inside the cabin or yurt unattended.  Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pet.

  •  Do you have allergy concerns? Make sure you reserve one of the many other cabins or yurts that are not designated as Pet Friendly, as no animals are permitted inside these facilities. 

Park Rules

Even the most loving, well-trained dog may act differently or even aggressively when in a new place, around new people, or in the presence of wildlife.  Aggressive dogs are best left at home.  If you do bring a dog to a provincial park, you are responsible for it at all times and in all places in the park. This means that you must: 

  • take responsibility for the behavior and conduct of your animal 
  • clean up after your dog and place its waste in a garbage container (if garbage containers are not available, you must remove your dog’s waste from the park)
  • ensure your dog does not make excessive noise or disturb other park users
  • have physical control of your dog at all times. In designated off-leash areas you must maintain voice control and carry a leash with you, should it be required
  • ensure pets are wearing a current identification tags

Pets are not allowed at:

  • designated beaches with defined swim areas;
  • special use areas, such as cross country ski trails, unless designated as dog-friendly;
  • areas posted with signs prohibiting animals.

Identified service animals for people with disabilities are allowed to access all park areas, as long as the animal remains on a leash or harness, or is otherwise under the direct physical control of the owner.

Dogs do not require leashes if engaged in hunting or retrieving game birds, as permitted under the authority of a license issued under The Wildlife Act.

Pet Friendly Activities:

Expanded pet-friendly opportunities for owners and pets to enjoy the natural environment are now available.  Dog-accessible locations are designated for swimming, hiking, off-leash opportunities, skijoring, dog-sledding and kick-sledding.

A Walk in the Park:

Dogs are allowed on most walking trails, if they are leashed.  Some trails uses don’t mix well with dog use, like those used by cyclists, people on horseback, cross country-ski or snowmobiling.  Please check the trailhead sign to see if there are any restrictions. 

Good Reasons to Keep Your Dog On-Leash

  • To respect other park users. Some people are allergic to dogs and some people fear them.
  • To prevent injuries. If your dog frightens or jumps on a child or a senior, they could fall or be easily injured.
  • To keep them from harassing wildlife.
  • To avoid collisions with other park users including cyclists and motor vehicles.
  • To protect species at risk. Animals that den or nest at ground level are easily trampled by a dog that is running free.
  • To reduce the risk of conflict with other dogs.
  • To minimize unpleasant or painful encounters with wildlife such as skunks or porcupines.
  • To keep your dog safe. Your dog can't read signs that warn of eroding cliffs, drop-offs or other hazards!
  • It’s the law. The rules and regulations of The Provincial Parks Act requires all pets to be leashed, tied up, caged, or under direct physical control at all times (unless in designated off-leash areas).

Keeping these guidelines in mind will help ensure that Manitoba’s Provincial Parks remain enjoyable for all.

Dog Friendly Swim Areas

Animals are not allowed at designated beaches with defined swim areas.  However, dogs do enjoy going for a dip, so pet-friendly swim areas are designated for this purpose, as listed below. 





The “Point” can be accessed on the northwest side of the Shell Mouth Dam  -  follow the  gravel road approximately 500 meters north to a small parking lot. A natural sand bar makes this an ideal pet friendly swim area

Dog friendly swim area


Hugo Bay boat launch on the north side of launch

Dog friendly swim area


Sunset Beach (Hecla)

Dog friendly swim area

Grass River - Gyles Lake

Gyles Lake, west of designated swim area

Dog friendly swim area

Grass River - Iskwasum

Iskwasum campground, on the east side of boat launch

Dog friendly swim area


Past the Main Beach, west of designated swim area

Dog friendly swim area

Paint Lake

Across from the main Paint Lake Marina on the north side of the far parking lot

Dog friendly swim area

Rainbow Beach

Past the Main Beach, east of the designated swimming area

Dog friendly swim area

Spruce Woods

Kiche Manitou Lake next to the footbridge along the southeast shoreline

Dog friendly swim area

Turtle Mountain - Max Lake

Far west end of the main beach, just east of the boat launch area

Dog friendly swim area

Wekusko Falls

Northeast shore of Wekusko Lake on the north side of the boat launch

Dog friendly swim area

Winnipeg Beach

South Beach - access south of the Water Tower

Dog friendly swim area

Winter Trails: Skijoring, Dog-Sledding and Kick-Sledding

Dogs are not allowed on most cross-country ski trails, however, skijoring and kick-sledding are welcomed on select trails at Birds Hill, Spruce Woods and Whiteshell Provincial Parks, and dog sledding is available at designated trails at Birds Hill.  Dogs must be harnessed and under physical control at all times.





Oak Trail

for people wishing to pull children on sleighs or run dogs while skiing

Birds Hill

Group Use 1 Road

kick-sledding, skijoring

Birds Hill

Spruce Trail

dog sledding, kick-sledding, skijoring

Spruce Woods

Yellow Quill trail system - includes Cree, Assiniboine and Ojibwa

kick-sledding, skijoring, dog sledding


Forester’s Footsteps

kick-sledding, skijoring

Off-Leash Areas

Owners have the opportunity to let their dogs run off-leash at the select areas listed below.  In addition to basic rules pet behavior rules, owners will remember the following off-leash rules:

  • supervise your dog at all times and keep dog under voice control
  • have a leash in hand at all times
  • observe signs which designate the off-leash boundaries





Yellow Quill (Portage la Prairie)

The fenced in area of Yellow Quill Provincial Park has been designated as an off-leash area


Off-leash dog park