Fishing, Hunting & Trapping in Provincial Parks

Pursue your passion on the lakes, rivers, backcountry and wilderness areas in Manitoba’s provincial parks.  From small and big game to waterfowl and 30 species of fish, we have it all.

Check out Travel Manitoba’s Hunting and Fishing in Manitoba webpage on how to get started pursuing your fishing and hunting adventures.  Here is a few things to keep in mind in provincial parks.


A valid Manitoba Fishing Licence is required to fish in provincial parks.  Be sure to read the annual Angler’s Guide for regulations.

Going ice fishing?  Take note of our Ice Fishing Shelter Guidelines.


Hunting in provincial parks is subject to specific regulations, as these are multiple-use areas where a variety of outdoor recreation occurs. The use of off-road vehicles is restricted. Persons may not hunt, possess a loaded firearm, or discharge a firearm within 300 metres of recreation areas, cottages, dumps, roads and prescribed trails. Please contact the Manitoba Sustainable Development district office for information on the regulations in the park you wish to hunt.

For your convenience, selected provincial park campgrounds remain open into the fall. Services may be reduced and the fees (if applicable) are based on the level of service provided. For more information, visit our Camping page.

Whiteshell Provincial Park has areas where no hunting of certain species is allowed. For more information, including a map, contact one of the Manitoba Sustainable Development district offices in Whiteshell Provincial Park.


Trapping is not only a part of our history, it continues to serves as both an economic activity for Manitobans and a means to help manage our wildlife populations.  Trapping occurs in many provincial parks, and trail users should be aware that trapping might be occurring in the park they are visiting.

See the annual Trapper’s Guide and visit the local Manitoba Sustainable Development office for details.

NOTICE TO TRAPPERS: Interim restrictions on licenced trapping activity in provincial parks continue to be in place.

  • Report on public comments on the proposed changes to trapping policy in Manitoba's provincial parks and other Crown lands with recreational developments.