Special Events In Manitoba Parks

Planning a Special Event in Provincial Parks

Holding your special event in Life's Great Outdoors can elevate your gathering into a brilliant success. The following information will help you reserve a provincial park area as the setting for your special event.

What is a Special Event?

A special event is any activity out of the ordinary routine of a provincial park which is carried out by an individual or incorporated organization, or any event that is advertised to the public. Examples may include weddings, gatherings, community events, or sporting events. The nature and scope of the activity requires a level of understanding between Manitoba Environment and Climate Change and the event coordinator.

General Guidelines for all Special Events

Regardless of the level of authorization required, all special events must adhere to the following general guidelines. Park staff will work with the event coordinator to ensure that these responsibilities are fulfilled.

  • The staging of a special event must be compatible with existing or available park services and facilities such as maintenance programming, staffing levels, parking area capacities, washroom facilities, etc.
  • The staging must not result in any significant, lasting environmental impact on the park.
  • The event coordinator will work with park staff to ensure that there is minimal conflict with normal public use of the park in terms of area, capacity of facilities and commercial operators during the event.
  • The event coordinator must show, to the satisfaction of parks staff, that they are capable of managing the special event.
  • The event coordinator shall be responsible to local parks staff while the event is taking place.
  • Any event activity can be terminated due to non-compliance with the agreed terms of the event (as described in the permit and special conditions).
  • Parks staff shall be the sole judge in the acceptance of works and quality of restoration, final clean-up and repair, should this be required due to the management of a special event.
  • The event coordinator must submit proposed signage and advertising to parks staff upon request. Posting or use of signage is subject to approval. Event signage or advertising placed on park signage or infrastructure is strictly prohibited and will be removed.

How do I get Approval to Stage Event in Provincial Parks?

Depending on an event's characteristics, the event coordinator may need to obtain a special event permit to hold the event in a park. The coordinator will follow these steps when applying for a permit:

1. The event coordinator contacts the district office to discuss the event. Once the Park District Manager or Conservation Officer (CO) has been provided with general event information, (s)he will evaluate if the event is appropriate for the park and if a permit is needed.

2. Depending on the characteristics of the event, the event coordinator may be requested to complete the application package and send it to the local park office.

There are two different special event applications:

Generally, applications are submitted within the following timelines:

Scale of Event

Examples of Events



Wedding ceremony, church picnic

Mail or fax application 2 weeks before event.


Events involving alcohol, athletic competitions

Mail or fax application at least 30 days in advance of event.


Boy Scout / Girl Guide Jamborees, Film Productions

Visit the district office to discuss plans. Submit application at least 30 days before event.

* Initial bookings are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, so apply early to secure your date.

3. During the approval process, the Event Coordinator will ensure that the following items are fulfilled:

Application (pdf) – All Manitoba Provincial Parks Except Birds Hill
Application (pdf) – Birds Hill Only

  • Part 1, including daytime contact information.
  • Part 2, "Responsibilities of the Applicant", signed and dated.
  • Part 3, including additional paperwork like maps, promotional materials risk management plan, etc.

Certificate of Insurance (as required, depending on event):

  • A certificate of insurance for $2,000,000 liability coverage, which indemnifies and saves harmless the Province of Manitoba from all manner of claims and ensures the sponsor(s) for public and third party liabilities. (This requirement may be higher for certain high risk events).
  • A special events permit will not be issued until the certificate of insurance is provided to Environment and Climate Change.

C. Permit Fee – contact district to determine fee.

  • Minor event: $25.00 + $1.25 G.S.T. = $26.25
  • Moderate and Major Events: $50.00 + $2.50 G.S.T. = $52.50
  • Payment at district office: cash or cheque (payable to Minister of Finance).

4. Park staff review the application to determine if the event should be approved. The coordinator may be required to fulfill special conditions (i.e. hire staff for traffic control) in order to obtain the permit.

Additional Fees for Staging a Special Event ?

Any costs incurred by park staff to assist in event staging may be charged to the event coordinator.