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Sand dunes shifting on the whim of the wind; unlikely plants like the pincushion cactus; and strange creatures like the hognose snake cause one to wonder....Manitoba? This is the truly unique Spirit Sands. Within minutes you're staring down at an eerie blue-green oasis of spruce trees and a spring-fed pond. This is the Devils Punch Bowl. By mid-afternoon you're enjoying the coolness of riverbank forests, wandering through the sweet mixed-grass prairie and lingering at the striking views from the Steels Ferry Overlook. All of this is Spruce Woods, a unique mixture of natural contrasts and wondrous adventures.

Where to Stay

Kiche Manitou Campground offers a range of sites, services and activities. Group camping is also available. Backcountry users can choose from five campsites or the Jackfish Lake Cabin, all along the Epinette Creek trail system.

Horseback riders can stay at the Equestrian campground, or the Canoe Landing Campground along the Assiniboine River canoe route.  At these two these self-registry campgrounds, you’ll find corrals and pens, water troughs, and a variety of camping services, administered in partnership with the Friends of Spruce Woods. Visit their website to plan your stay in these two campgrounds.

Park Directions

From Winnipeg: travel west on Highway 1, turn south on P.T.H. 5 for 29 kilometres. From P.T.H. 2 west turn north on P.T.H. 5 for 13 kilometres. Kiche Manitou is approximately 180 kilometres from Winnipeg.


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