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Hudson's Bay Company Archives

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Book jacket of The Return of the Nonsuch: The Ship That Launched an Empire, by Laird Rankin, (Heartland Associates inc., 2004).

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives (HBCA) Library is a valuable research resource. It contains over 10,000 titles (books, articles, periodicals, videos and CD-ROMs) on the HBC, especially its fur trade; Aboriginal peoples of North America; and the history of western Canada, the USA and the Arctic. The library was enlarged considerably in the year 2000 by the acquisition of the library of The Beaver magazine. There is a significant rare book collection, which includes some of the personal library of fur trader Peter Fidler (1769–1822) and books from libraries maintained at posts such as York Factory.

The library is accessible only in the Manitoba Archives Building but the catalogue can be searched online through the Hudson's Bay Company Archives library catalogue. Photocopies of articles and portions of books can be sent to patrons, unless the physical condition of the book prevents photocopying.



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