Park Planning and Research

Park System Plan

Manitoba's Park System Plan guides the overall management of every provincial park and park reserve in the province. The system plan outlines park management principles in Manitoba and provides an overview of each park and park reserve, including park purposes, boundaries, classifications and land use categories.

Management Plans

In contrast to the provincial scope of the Park System Plan, management plans focus on the management and development of individual parks. A park's management plan provides long-term direction for the park by establishing guidelines to address issues pertaining to recreation, resource use, development of park land, environmental protection, and the preservation of culturally significant areas. Management plans are developed in consultation with the public.


Proposals for research in provincial parks and park reserves should be submitted to Parks Branch for review and approval. Reviews are done to ensure minimal impact to the park environment and to park visitors. If any potential negative impacts are identified during this review, Parks will work with the researcher to mitigate these impacts to the satisfaction of both parties. Research proposals for provincial parks and park reserves should be submitted no less than two months prior to the intended start of research activities to allow time for review, processing, and mail out. Research proposals can be brief but must include:

  • Study rational/purpose;
  • Which provincial parks or park reserves the research is going to be conducted in;
  • When the field work will be conducted; and
  • The methodology of the study including proposed collection of any specimens.

Proposals or other inquiries regarding research can be sent via email to:

The table below provides a summary of each provincial park and park reserve. Click on the park name to view its system plan page. You may also click on the table headings to sort by different categories - Region, Classification, Size, or Year Established. The full version of Manitoba's Park System Plan is also available.