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Well Aware

Please have a copy of out "Being Well Aware" booklet. The booklet contains information on groundwater and well basics, well construction and maintenance, well sealing, water testing, and hiring a contractor.

Well Water Fact Sheets

  1. How to Reduce the Risk of Well Water Contamination
  2. How to Test Well Water For Bacteria
  3. How to Disinfect a Well - Partial Chlorination Method
  4. How to Disinfect a Well - Full Chlorination Method
  5. Understanding Your Well Water Bacteria Results

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In some Manitoba wells, nitrate has been found at concentrations exceeding health guidelines. High nitrate levels are a particular concern for pregnant or nursing women and for infants less than one year old.

Naturally Occurring Trace Elements in Well Water

The following fact sheets and maps are part of a series on naturally occurring elements sometimes found in well water. In some Manitoba wells, these trace elements have been found at concentrations exceeding health guidelines.

Well Water and Your Health

Drinking Water and Your Health

Upgrading or Abandoning of Water Wells