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Provincial parks play an important role in the lives of Manitobans. Parks conserve ecosystems and maintain biodiversity, preserve our natural, cultural and heritage resources and offer excellent outdoor recreational and educational opportunities in a natural setting. 

Top Five Reasons to work in Manitoba Parks:

🏞️Experience Manitoba’s signature landscapes and destinations.
🌼Protect Manitoba’s biodiversity, natural features, and cultural heritage.
⚖️Enjoy job stability, work-life balance, paid leave, pension, and health benefits.
🏆Advance your career with training, professional development, and growth opportunities.
🤝Contribute to Manitoba’s Public Service in our collaborative, inclusive and diverse workplaces. 

Career Opportunities

If you love the outdoors, a career with Manitoba Parks may interest you. To prepare for a career in parks, you need education, training and experience. Positions are knowledge-based and require a variety of abilities, such as organization and time management skills, administrative and technical skills, and strong communication skills.

Clerical & Administrative Officers

Clerical & Administrative Officers coordinate corporate services for parks, including financial and budget services, employee timekeeping, accounts payable and record-keeping services.

Park District Managers & Park Operations Supervisors

Park District Managers & Park Operations Supervisors oversee operations and supervise staff in each provincial park, while also coordinating infrastructure projects, contract management, and resource protection activities. These positions ensure provincial parks are a safe and enjoyable place for the public to visit.

Program Specialists & Park Planners

Program Specialists & Park Planners develop and implement policies for operations and resource management, park design and development, cottage and commercial services. Program specialists also work with special interest groups, Indigenous communities and other stakeholders to deliver park management objectives and special initiatives.

Park Activity Coordinators

Park Activity Coordinators supervise park attendants and manage campground operations, and coordinate special event permits for activities like weddings, gatherings, community events, or sporting events. Park Activity Coordinators assist with resource management and cottage lot inspections.

Senior Park Interpreters

Park Interpreters prepare and deliver guided experiences to inspire stewardship of the park’s natural features, culture, and history. Programming includes trail walks and site tours, campfire talks, amphitheatre presentations, roving trailheads and recreation areas, as well as leading school programs. Senior Park Interpreters not only deliver programming, but also provide a leadership role in training, coaching, and mentoring seasonal interpreters, manage our visitor centres and museums, develop signs and educational materials, and assist with resource management.

Tradespersons & Equipment Operators

Tradespersons build and maintain park infrastructure and equipment. Career opportunities include journeyperson carpenters, electricians, mechanics and plumbers (including the operation of water treatment and waste handling facilities).

Equipment operators run equipment to build and maintain park landscapes, trails, roads, campsites, and other recreation areas. Equipment includes specialized mowers, ATVs, tractors, garbage packers, snow trail groomers, skid steers, loaders, excavators and graders.

Seasonal Jobs

Start your career in provincial parks with seasonal employment! Combined with post-secondary education and training, seasonal experience will help you compete for an increasing number of career opportunities in provincial parks and may inspire a life-long professional journey suited to your love of the outdoors. There are several unique opportunities to work in your local provincial park next summer.

Park Attendants

Park Attendants deliver visitor services at campgrounds, such as selling vehicle permits, registering campers, and providing information to visitors. Positions are stationed in campground offices and entrance gates, and may perform minor maintenance and janitorial duties in parks.

Park attendants play a vital role in delivering customer service to campers and visitors. These front-line staff must have strong communication skills, be familiar with park regulations, and be comfortable handling cash and collecting payments.

Park Attendants Helping the Public

Seasonal experience as a park attendant will help you find a career in park operations, administration and finance, or tourism and recreation management.

Park Interpreters

Park interpreters provide guided experiences to inspire stewardship of the park’s natural features, culture and history. Programming includes trail walks and site tours, campfire talks, amphitheatre presentations, roving trailheads and recreation areas, as well as leading school programs. Park interpreters also operate our visitor centres and museums.

Park interpreters require strong communication skills to deliver public presentations, an interest in and knowledge of Manitoba’s natural and cultural heritage, and an ability to interact with visitors of all ages.

Park Interpreter holding a stuffed Weasel

Seasonal experience as a park interpreter will help you find a career in interpretation at parks and museums; environmental sciences and natural resource management; education; communications; or tourism and recreation management.

Park Maintenance Workers

Maintaining and operating parks takes a team of dedicated professionals working in a variety of roles.

Labourers perform general maintenance tasks such as landscaping, campsite, beach and picnic area clean-up, refuse pickup, assisting with construction projects, janitorial duties at washrooms, and clearing trails and backcountry routes.

Operators run equipment for maintenance activities: mowers, tractors, backhoes, loaders, trail groomers, off-road vehicles and garbage trucks.

Trades Helpers are responsible for repairs, projects and preventative maintenance on park infrastructure, including carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. They may also be involved with the operation of water treatment and waste handling facilities

Seasonal Labourer on the job

Seasonal experience as a labourer, operator or trades helper will help you find a career in park operations, journeyperson trades, or as an equipment operator.

Green Team Youth Employment

The Manitoba Parks Green Team program provides young Manitobans the opportunity to work outdoors in our wonderful provincial parks, gain valuable work experience and helps them save for schooling and other opportunities.

Youth may work on general park maintenance (painting, grass trimming, campsite and beach cleaning), park interpretive programming, environmental projects or general office assistance.

Intended for youth aged 16-29, Green Team positions are an opportunity to work alongside and learn from park professionals, expose youth to future career paths, and develop their employable skills.

Learn more about the Green Team program here.

reen Team Youth Employees


The Manitoba government has a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, which includes extended health, health spending, dental, vision, long-term disability, supportive employment, sick leave, paid vacation, maternity/paternity leave, family related leave and a defined pension plan. 

Bunkhouse accommodations are available in some provincial parks for seasonal staff. Bunkhouses are shared housing that allows you to work and live in Manitoba’s spectacular provincial parks.

How to Apply

Apply directly to any publicly advertised competition. Most seasonal jobs are posted in the winter months for the upcoming summer, but check frequently throughout the year for opportunities. 

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