Fire & Travel Restrictions

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Updated: May 22, 2024

Campfire Restrictions

Campfires permitted at any time in all provincial parks. Fires must be in approved pits only, no open fires.

Travel Restrictions

Backcountry travel permitted in all provincial parks.

Additional Advisories/Closures:

  • Fireworks and sky lanterns are prohibited at all times in provincial parks.
  • The use of drones near wildfires is prohibited by Transport Canada and is subject to fines and jail. Drones can interfere with aircraft working on the emergency response and a collision could have serious consequences or even lead to a crash. Water bombers and helicopters are unable to work on a wildfire if a drone or other aircraft is in the area, which could put firefighters on the ground at risk without air support.
  • For restriction information outside of provincial parks, please see Provincial Fire & Travel Restrictions.

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