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Fire Restrictions - Manitoba Provincial Parks

Fire Restrictions & Advisories – August 3, 2018

Atikaki Provincial Park (including travel on the Bloodvein river system): The backcountry canoe and travel closure has been lifted as wildfire conditions have improved. All portions of Atikaki Provincial Park are open for backcountry camping and canoeing. However, paddlers and other park users should be aware that Manitoba Fire #96 continues to be active. Backcountry travellers should be aware of their surroundings and practice fire safety. We encourage everyone to check the Manitoba Wildfire and Manitoba Parks webpages prior to leaving for a trip into the area. Any groups that are entering Ontario backcountry areas from Manitoba should be aware of closures that still exist in Ontario.   

Nopiming Provincial Park: There is a wildfire in Ontario (Fire #71) that is close to the Manitoba border at the south end of the park. It poses a potential risk to backcountry access east of Bird Lake. Therefore, the Bird River- Elbow Lake canoe route as well as its corresponding designated water route campsites are closed. (See closure map - Nopiming). This closure is enacted until further notice and fire risk in the areas is fully subdued and/or eliminated. 
Even though there are no wildfires directly in Nopiming Provincial Park at this time, smoke from fires in Ontario and Atikaki Provincial Park can be significant. Smoke conditions vary with wind direction and weather conditions and can change at any point in time. 
Ontario has closed access to the areas east and south of where Hwy PR 315 ends at the Ontario border.  Sustainable Development will continue patrolling for new wildfires and will provide updates if conditions.

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