Park Fees

Vehicle Entry Permits

Coming Spring 2020!  Purchase and print your vehicle permits online at

The Manitoba government will soon launch a new, online service for the sale of park vehicle permits, along with fishing and hunting licences.

You will be able to go online, create a customer profile, select the desired park vehicle permit type (annual, daily or casual), enter your vehicle licence plate number, and checkout as you would with any other online purchase. A digital copy of the permit will be available to print through your elicensing account.   Park Vehicle Permits must be printed out and displayed in your vehicles windshield.

Permits must show the matching vehicle licence plate number and be clearly displayed in the vehicles windshield.  Permits are valid in all provincial parks and must be displayed year-round.

We recommend you purchase and print your vehicle permit online at home before arriving. 

More information on the new online service is available at

2020 Entrance Fees

Base permit fees remain unchanged from last year.  An additional $4.50 administration fee has been added to all permits to provide the new elicensing service. All permits are non-refundable.

Vehicle Permits
Annual $44.50   (valid until April 30, 2021)
Casual $16.50   (valid for three consecutive days)
Daily $9.50   (valid until midnight on the date of purchase)

Bus Permits (vehicles that transport more than 10 persons)
Annual $114.50   (valid until April 30, 2021)
Casual $39.50   (valid for three consecutive days)
Daily  $29.50   (valid until midnight on the date of purchase)

If you plan to visit any provincial parks more than three times a year, we recommend purchasing an annual permit.  Annual permits may have up to two licence plates attached to them, so that one permit may be printed twice and used for two vehicles.  Daily and casual permits are valid for only one licence plate number.

Annual permits for the following year become available December 1.

Free Park Entry Dates for 2020

Vehicle permits are not required during the following periods:

  • February 1-29, free for the entire month.
  • Family Fishing Weekend (June 12-14)
  • Canada’s Parks Day Weekend (July 17-19)
  • Labour Day Weekend (September 4-7)

Regular camping fees still apply during free park entry periods.

Camping Fees

Camping fees vary between campgrounds depending on the availability of surcharged services such as modern washrooms, showers, hookups and complimentary firewood. Minimum nightly fees apply in the case of group camping.

Nightly Camping Fees

Basic Services   $11.55 to $23.10
Electrical Services   $15.75 to $27.30
Electrical/Water Services   $18.90 to $26.25
Full Service   $23.10 to $28.35

*fees are subject to change

Group Fees

$34.65 to $239.40*

*fees are based on minimum group size.  Additional camping units will pay extra upon arrival at the campground.

Comfort Camping Fees (Yurts and Cabins)

Camp Morton   $72.60 to $79.15
Hecla   $38.10 to $69.16
Yurts   $56.50

*fees are subject to change

Seasonal Camping Fees

Basic Services   $453.60 to $838.95
Electrical Services   $588.00 to $981.75
Electrical/Water Services   $880.43 to $946.05
Full Service   $1061.03 to $1173.90

*fees are subject to change

Parks Reservation Service

Reservation Fee $10.00
Reservation Change Fee $4.00