About the Chief Veterinary Office (CVO)


The CVO protects animals, food and people by upholding several Manitoba laws related to animal welfare, animal health and food safety. This work also supports the success of the Manitoba agribusiness economy.


Programs and activities include:

  • Co-ordinating animal health and animal welfare control measures in the event of an emergency.
  • Protecting the public from animal diseases that can be spread to people.
  • Protecting the health and welfare of animals for economic or intrisic benefit with the use of the Animal Welfare Program.
  • Protecting agricultural trade through health certification and food safety assurance programs.
  • Supporting disease surveillance, analysis and response capacity with the use of decision support tools, such as premises identification.
  • Aiding in emergency preparedness and response to protect animals and the safety of the food supply.
  • Guarding food against contamination and ensuring a secure food supply for Manitoba through food safety inspections in provincially licensed processing plants and abattoirs and through public extension and education.
  • Protecting and advancing animal and public health through diagnostic services provided by the Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory.
  • Working toward a more broadly holistic One Health  approach that links animal health and welfare, human health and well-being and environmental health.