The University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg (UofW) hosts a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including interdisciplinary centres and colleges focused on the advancement of science-based investigations and the development of the natural world.

The UofW research programs specialize in the study and improvement of the environmental sustainability of production systems within Manitoba, including practices to enhance water quality and biodiversity, increase carbon sequestration and understand the effect of changing climates on prairie ecosystems.

Photo of the University of Winnipeg's Portage Avenue entrance on a sunny day in the summer with students walking up to the doors 

Research and academic programs also have a specific focus on the overall improvement of management systems for the grasslands and parkland regions and a keen interest in the improvement of agricultural sustainability. The UofW is also home to significant social science and policy programs that study the development of public trust through science-based, regulatory decisions.

Academics and Research Programs

  • Chris Henry: Department of Applied Computer Science, and Chris Bidinosti, Department of Physics: digital agriculture and principal investigators of the TerraByte project
  • Danny Blair: Department of Geography: Climatology, Human-Environment Interactions, and Natural Hazards
  • Ryan Bullock: Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Canada Research Chair in Human-Environment Interactions (Tier II), Director of the Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research at The University of Winnipeg: Boreal Sustainability
  • Nora Casson: Department of Geography, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Influences on Water Quality: Hydrology, Nutrient Movement and Ecosystems 
  • Darshani Kumaragame: Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences: Soil Fertility and Soil Nutrients
  • Rafael Otfinowski: Department of Biology: Plant Biology and Prairie and Grassland Ecology

Research Centres and Projects


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