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Markets and Statistics Page
This section is your gateway to hundreds of factual reports describing Manitoba’s dynamic agrifood sector and rural communities.
The starting point to explore the most comprehensive reports and data is the Statistics Tables. For in-depth information on individual agricultural sectors, visit the Crops and Livestock pages. To link to statistics about farm income and expenses, visit the Financial page. On the Economic Analysis page, you can find economic research reports, sectoral impact studies, and other reports.
On the Trade page, you will find links to agrifood export statistics, as well as many reports on global market challenges for the industry. The Food and Value-Added page links to resources describing the economic contribution of the industry, as well as sales and market trends.
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New Report Releases

August 7, 2020: The August 7 Livestock Market Report (PDF 253 KB) and the August 7 Grains Market Report (PDF 231 KB) are now available. 

July 31, 2020: The July 31 Livestock Market Report (PDF 535 KB) and the July 31 Grains Market Report (PDF 230 KB) are now available. 

July 31, 2020: The July Cattle Feeder Calves Sold Through Auction Market Report (PDF 585 KB ) is now available.

July 24, 2020: The July 24 Livestock Market Report (PDF 534 KB) and the July 24 Grains Market Report (PDF 234 KB) are now available. 

July 17, 2020: The July 17 Livestock Market Report (PDF 265 KB) and the July 17 Grains Market Report (PDF 234 KB) are now available. 

July 16, 2020: The Macroeconomic Outlook Agrifood Supply Chain COVID-19 Report (PDF 436 KB) is now available

July 15, 2020: The Food and Beverage Manufacturing Trade Balance 2015-2019 Report (PDF 171 KB) is now available.

July 15, 2020: The Food and Beverage Manufacturing Import 2015- 2019 Report (PDF 606 KB) and the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Export 2015-2019 Report (PDF 305 KB) are now available.

July 14, 2020: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour Report (PDF 286 KB) is now available. 

July 10, 2020: The July 10 Livestock Market Report (PDF 279 KB) and the July 10 Grains Market Report (PDF 234 KB) are now available.

July 6, 2020: The July 6 Manitoba Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sale Report (PDF 486 KB) is now available.

July 3, 2020: The July 3 Livestock Market Report (PDF 688 KB) and the July 3 Grains Market Report (PDF 231 KB) are now available. 

July 3, 2020: The July 3 Historic Monthly Hog Prices (EXL 92 KB) is now available. 

June 17, 2020: How did Manitoba's agrifood exports fare under COVID-19? Check out Manitoba's Agrifood Export Performance for the first quarter of 2020 under the Economic Analysis Page.

June 15, 2020: New report Supply and Use of Agricultural Production in Manitoba highlights livestock and crop production, supply and use of agrifood, and agrifood transportation. It is now available on the Publications and Proceedings page. 

June 12, 2020: The 2019 Farm Cash Receipts and Farm Income reports and graphs are now available on the Financial Statistics page.

June 10, 2020: A new report highlighting the realities and future opportunities for Sheep and Lamb Markets in Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia under the CPTPP agreement is now available. 

February 26, 2020: January Livestock on Farms (PDF 106 KB) special report is now available.
January 29, 2020: The November Field Crop Production (PDF 511 KB) report is now available.
January 17, 2020: The Livestock Monthly Export Table (XLS 369 KB) updated with November 2019 data is now available.

Reports of Interest

Manitoba Agriculture Statistics Factsheet is now available on our website and also ready to be shared at Manitoba Ag Days 2019.
2016 Census of Agriculture Manitoba Profile has been released. The number of Manitoba farms has been declining, while the farm size, herd sizes and gross farm cash receipts have been increasing. Manitoba has the second youngest population of farm operators in Canada.

The video Canadian Agriculture Statistics is now available and can be viewed through the Statistics Canada website.  Statistics Canada provides agriculture information that ranges from farm to the grocery aisle.  View their latest video and learn more about Canadian agriculture.  Manitoba Agriculture uses this information to publish agriculture statistics specific to Manitoba.  You can find Manitoba market and statistics information at our website.