Events and Deadlines

Environmental Farm Plan Workshops

Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) are an essential part of every farm operation. These workshops will guide producers through the EFP workbook to help assess and identify the environmental assets and risks on their farm operations, and develop an action plan to address the identified risks. Workbooks and support material will be provided to those who attend.  There is no preparation required for this workshop. 

EFPs must be renewed every five years to remain valid. If you are unsure if your EFP is valid, please contact KAP to inquire at (204)697-1140.

Due to COVID-19, all EFP workshops have been taking place virtually via GOTo Webinar.


Please be patient as we  transition to a new  EFP system .  We will have a limited number of workbooks available for January, February & March 2022.

 Please indicate your INTEREST in attending a workshop by signing up at the appropriate links below. (Note: this is NOT a registration for an actual workshop; just your interest in attending one).

You will later be contacted  about workshop options. Thank you for your understanding.    


If you require your EFP immediately, please email


Are you interested in attending a workshop in February or March?







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January 25, 2022


Jan 10,  2022 CLOSED

February 2022

(workshop TBA)

Use this LINK to show your interest. Feb 10, 2022 You will be contacted at a later date about the workshop.

March 2022

(workshop TBA)

Use this LINK to show your interest. March 10, 2022 You will be contacted at a later date about the workshop.


Application Deadlines


Ag Action Manitoba - Assurance BMPs: CLOSED.  Applications for projects to take place in the 2022 Field were received until December 10th, 2021.   

 Ag Action Manitoba - Assurance - Watershed EGS (for Watershed Districts) CLOSED. Applications were received until November 5, 2021.  

NEW Ag Action Manitoba - Assurance: Agricultural Crown Lands Forage Productivity (ACLFP) pilot program   CLOSED.  Applications were received until December 31, 2021.


If you are approved for financial assistance  under Ag Action Manitoba for agri-environmental BMPs, you will be required to submit a valid EFP Statement of Completion Certificate with your claim documents. 

 REMINDER: Once you have completed your EFP workbook, you must first set up an appointment with a KAP Reviewer before you can be issued a Statement of Completion certificate.