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MAFRD delivers programming that supports the development of Manitoba's agriculture, agrifood and rural sectors while protecting agri-environmental resources.

The Agri-Resource Branch is the point of contact in government for leadership and advice on agri-environmental issues and represents Manitoba in regional and national discussions. The Knowledge Centre also oversees Manitoba's agri-environment programming.

Staff of the Agri-Resource Branch focus their efforts on the development of programs, policies, regulations and extension materials to facilitate the adoption of beneficial management practices (BMPs). 


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Fall Soil Moisture Survey
The Fall Soil Moisture Survey is complete for 2015!  The maps depict how much moisture was available in the root zone prior to freeze up - an indication of what can be expected in the spring.


New Publication


Two New BMPs 

Two new best management practices: On-farm Fuel Storage and Sanitation Equipment will be accepting applications starting July 13, 2015.


Growing News 2015
Read about the many Growing Forward 2 funded projects and the progress being made in Manitoba.



Financial Assistance Programs

Growing Assurance - Ecological Goods and Services. Provides financial assistance to local Conservation Districts (CDs) to work with producers to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) on farms to conserve and enhance ecological goods and services (EG&S) on the agricultural landscape.

Manure Management Financial Assistance Program (MMFAP). Provides financial assistance for pig producers to eliminate the need to apply manure in the winter, minimize the risk of leaks from their storage structures and install manure treatment systems to meet the new soil phosphorus thresholds.