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This is the gateway for producers to learn about all aspects of responsible livestock production and nutrition.

The Livestock Knowledge Centre is the point of contact in government for leadership and advice on livestock issues. Livestock specialists focus their efforts on the development of programs, policies, regulations and extension materials to facilitate the development of the livestock sector in a profitable and sustainable manner.

The Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory in the Livestock Knowledge Centre provides testing services that support the diagnosis of health status and treatment of disease for the beef, dairy, sheep, equine, pig, and poultry industries as well as companion animal, alternative species, wildlife and zoo animals.

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The Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP), which was expanded to include Manitoba cattle and hog producers in 2014, provides protection against unexpected price declines. Due to lower cattle prices in 2016, WLPIP paid out $1.7 million to producers, with 73 per cent of insured calves qualifying for a payment. The average payment for each calf that qualified for an indemnity was $94. Under WLPIP, administrative expenses are paid 60 per cent by Canada and 40 per cent by Manitoba. Premiums are paid by participating producers.

AgriInsurance and WLPIP are risk management programs supported through Growing Forward 2, the five-year federal-provincial-territorial policy framework, and are administered by the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC). 
For more information about AgriInsurance, WLPIP or other programs, visit a local MASC office or

What's New

Consider fish farming? Use our new Guidelines for Estimating Aquaculture Production Costs 2018 in Manitoba. The resource is also available as a functional spreadsheet under Other Livestock on Production Economics web page.
A new publication entitled "Farm Practices Protection" is now available on line. 
Recent cases of Salmonella Enteritidis in poultry and people exposed to live poultry associated with an Alberta mail order hatchery, have raised concerns about potential human and animal health issues. 

StockTalk Webinars: Feature a variety of topics related to livestock feed and nutrition, marketing and production management. Watch these webinars on demand.

Phosphorus project to help dairy farmers determine feed budget. Manitoba dairy farmers will soon have more information when developing best management practices to optimize the use of phosphorus in the diet of their cows.

Project emphasises new ways to test for Bovine Tuberculosis. The first steps to moving away from live-animal testing for Bovine Tuberculosis in Manitoba are now underway

Quarantine Pens Reducing Risk On Manitoba FarmsA properly used quarantine pen can mean the difference between the inconvenience of a sick animal and the disaster of a sick herd on Manitoba cattle farms. 

New Research May Keep Manitoba Cattle on Pasture LongerResearchers at the University of Manitoba (U of M) have begun an expansive research project that aims to provide new knowledge to help farmers keep their cattle on the pasture longer in the fall, saving time and money.


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