Innovation and Research

Manitoba Agriculture: Invest in Research, Harvest Innovation


Research and Innovation

Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development invests in research to accelerate sustainable growth in the agriculture and agriprocessing sector through innovation such as new practices, new products and new knowledge.
Investments in research are made through project funding opportunities and operating grants.



Project Funding Opportunities

Ag Action Manitoba

The Ag Action Manitoba Activity provides grant funding for researcher and industry-led projects that contribute to the development of agricultural knowledge and skills and improve the competitiveness and sustainability of Manitoba’s agriculture, agri-food and agri-product sectors.

Grain Innovation Hub

The provincially funded Grain Innovation Hub provides $3 million to drive innovation in Manitoba’s grain sector (cereals, oilseeds, pulses and special crops), including:
  • crop breeding, production and handling technologies and practices to increase productivity and reduce production risk
  • grain utilization innovations that increase the value and expand demand for Manitoba

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Operating Grants

Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development invests in research and innovation through operating grant support to the following world-class research institutions:

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