Frequently Asked Questions

Certification FAQ

Q. Where do I go for certification training?
Certification courses and examinations are offered by Assiniboine Community College. ACC test centres include: Headingly, Brandon, Dauphin, Russell, Swan River and The Pas. Alternative test centres may be considered at the time of registration.

Q. What courses are available?
Certification courses are offered for each licence category (see specific licence subheading on this webpage).

Refer to ACC’s Pesticide Certification Program Guide for the list of pesticide certification courses:  ACC Certification Program Guide

Q. How do I know which course(s) to take?
Both pesticide dealers and applicators must take the Pesticide Core certification course. Pesticide dealers and applicators must also take one or more of the appropriate pesticide category certification courses.

Commercial and off-farm manure applicators must take the Custom Manure Applicator course for liquid and/or solid application.

Contact the ACC Program Director at 1-800-862-6307 ext.7116 if you are unsure which courses apply to you.

Q. Are there examinations?
Individuals must pass a written examination to receive certification in a specific licence category.

Q. How often do I need to recertify?
Recertification is required every five years for all licence categories. Certification expires on December 31, of the fifth year.

Q. I certified in another province. Is this certification recognized in Manitoba?
Manitoba Agriculture recognizes and accepts certification from other provinces as long as the certification meets the National Standard and was granted within 5 years. As of January 2019, all applicants who certified in another province (other than Manitoba) are required to write "Manitoba Regulatory Exam" prior to securing Manitoba pesticide applicator and dealer licences.

Q. How to apply for Manitoba licence based on reciprocity or certification from another province?

- Fill out Manitoba Applicator or Dealer licence application form

- Attach a copy of certification and a copy of licence from certifying province (some provinces only issue certificates)

- Include licence application fees and submit your application to Manitoba Agriculture

- Wait for instructions from Manitoba Agriculture staff to schedule Manitoba regulatory exam

- Take the test as scheduled by ACC and reports will be forwarded to Manitoba Agriculture directly

- Licence will be mailed out upon successful completion of Manitoba regulatory exam

General Licence FAQ

Q. Who needs a licence under the Act?
The Act requires retail pesticide dealers, commercial pesticide applicators, and commercial and off-farm manure applicators to be licensed.

Q. How long is a licence valid?
Licenses are valid for up to a one-year period, from January 1or the date of issue to December 31.

Q. Can a licence be obtained anytime?
Yes, a licence may be obtained anytime it is required, before or within the licensing year of January 1 to December 31.

Q. How do I apply for a licence?
Licence application forms are automatically mailed out to every person who successfully completes the required certification course and examination. Application forms for licence renewals are mailed out annually. Application forms are also available on-line.

Q. What pesticides come under licensing?
Pesticides regulated under the Act include commercial and restricted class herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and vertebrate pest control products. Domestic and restricted class animal repellents containing capsaicin (i.e. pepper sprays) are also included under the Act.

Q. Does the Act require licensing for home and garden pesticides?
No. Home and garden pesticides are classified as domestic pesticides and are exempt from the Act by regulation. Only commercial and restricted class pesticides are regulated under the Act.

Q. Is a licence required for fertilizers?
A licence is required for manure application only. Inorganic fertilizers are exempt from the Act by regulation and do not require a licence for sale or application.

Q. Who is exempt from licensing?
A person does not require a pesticide applicator licence if the total pesticide application completed off their farm is less than 500 hectares and the work is carried out for not more than three individuals in any year.

A person or a group of persons do not require a manure applicator licence if manure is applied to land owned or leased by the person or group of persons and if manure is produced by less than 300 animal units.

Q. Which licence does a seed treatment operator require?
A seed treatment operator requires a pesticide dealer licence to sell seed treatment pesticides or any other pesticides to an end user. A pesticide applicator licence is required if the operator is treating someone else’s seed for a fee. A pesticide dealer or applicator licence is not required if the operator is treating his or her own seed for sale to someone else.

Q. Is there an Advisory Committee under the Act?
Yes. The Pesticide Advisory Committee consists of seven members representing Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Sustainable Development, Assiniboine Community College, CropLife Canada, Keystone Agricultural Producers, Manitoba Aerial Applicators Association, and Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative.

Q. What does the Pesticide Advisory Committee do?
The committee advises the provincial Minister of Agriculture on issues surrounding pesticide regulation and certification. The committee can also hold hearings on licence suspensions and appeals.

Q. What penalties are there under the Act?
Penalties under the Act include fines, imprisonment or both. Individuals that violate or fail to comply with the Act may be fined $100 to $10,000 or imprisoned for 60 days to six months, or both. Licence suspension is another penalty under the Act.

Q. How to file a complaint?

A  pesticide or license related complaint can be filed by filling out a complaint form.

Pesticide Dealer Licence FAQ

Q. What certification courses do I need to take as a pesticide dealer?
Pesticide dealers must take the Pesticide Core and certify in one or more licence category.

Pesticide dealers that sell capsaicin-containing animal repellents are currently not required to have certification training but must read the Information Guide and the legislation provided by Manitoba Agriculture. These dealers must complete and sign the Declaration form located at the end of the Information Guide, acknowledging that they’ve read and understood licence requirements, and return the form to Manitoba Agriculture.

Q. Are wholesale pesticide dealers or distributors required to be licensed?
No. Wholesale pesticide dealers do not require a licence; however they are required to distribute pesticides to licensed retail dealers only.

Q. Is everyone who makes retail sales of pesticides required to be licensed?
At least one licensed staff member must be available at a pesticide retail outlet during store hours. Every retail sale of commercial and/or restricted class pesticides must be made by a licensed pesticide dealer. Every business outlet must ensure all staff selling pesticides are licensed.

Businesses that sell pepper sprays must also have a licence. These businesses must designate an individual who is responsible for the licence and for other staff that sell these products.

Q. Do I need insurance?
No. Pesticide dealers don’t require insurance coverage under the Act.

Pesticide Applicator Licence FAQ

Q. What certification courses do I need to take as a pesticide applicator?
Pesticide applicators must take the Pesticide Core and certify in all licensing categories that apply to the work they do. At least one person per landscape or golf course company must have Integrated Pest Management certification.

Q. Are landlords and maintenance staff required to be licensed?
Yes. Landlords and maintenance staff that are paid a wage to apply pesticides are required to have a Pesticide Applicator Licence.

Q. Is everyone who makes commercial applications of pesticides required to be licensed?
All persons that apply commercial and/or restricted class pesticides for a fee, reward or other valuable consideration must be licensed. Agricultural producers are exempt from licensing unless they apply pesticides to more than 500 hectares of land off of their farm or apply pesticides for more than three individuals.

Q. Do I need insurance?
Yes. Commercial pesticide applicators are required to have minimum insurance coverage of $250,000 general liability and property damage exclusive of chemical misuse and spray drift, and coverage of $25,000 for chemical misuse or spray drift.

Manure Applicator Licence FAQ

Q. What certification courses do I need to take as a manure applicator?
Manure applicators must take the Custom Manure Application certification course.

Q. Is everyone who makes transports or applies manure required to be licensed?
At least on person in a crew at a manure application site must have a Manure Applicator Licence. That person is responsible for the supervision of all other applicators on the job site. The licensed Manure Applicator must be on the job site at all times manure is being transported or applied. The job site refers to all activities related to the emptying of a single manure storage, lagoon or corral).

Q. Do I need insurance?
Yes. Commercial and off-farm manure applicators are required to have minimum insurance coverage of $500,000 general liability and property damage.