Case Submission Forms

The Veterinary Diagnostic Services (VDS) laboratory is the sole provider of veterinary diagnostic testing in Manitoba for companion animals and the agriculture-food industry. This testing includes herd and flock disease surveillance, export testing and passive surveillance for new and emerging diseases of food-producing, companion, zoo and wild animals.
To submit a sample, complete a fillable case submission form and submit electronically. Keep a copy for your records. Forms can be faxed to 204-948-2654 in Winnipeg or e-mailed to Alternatively, forms can be filled out by hand and submitted along with the sample(s). Please ensure writing is legible otherwise, missing or unreadable information may result in delays.

Submission Forms Instructions
Bovine Submission Form (PDF 143 KB) Download (PDF 143 KB)
Chain of Custody Form (PDF 324 KB) ---
Companion Animal Submission Form (PDF 229 KB) Download (PDF 225 KB)
Equine Submission Form (PDF 229 KB) Download (PDF 217 KB)
Honey Bee Submission Form (PDF 150 KB) Download (PDF 108 KB)
Multiple ID Downloadable Sheet (Excel 19 KB) Download (PDF 88 KB)
Ovine, Caprine, Camelid, Cervid Submission Form (PDF 131 KB) Download (PDF 136 KB)
Porcine Submission Form with Sample ID (PDF 118 KB) Download (PDF 155 KB)
Poultry Submission Form (PDF 233 KB) Download (PDF 229 KB)
Zoo and Wildlife Submission Form (PDF 85 KB) ---

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