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The Veterinary Diagnostic Services (VDS) laboratory is the sole provider of veterinary diagnostic testing in Manitoba for companion animals and the agriculture-food industry. This testing includes herd and flock disease surveillance, export testing and passive surveillance for new and emerging diseases of food-producing, companion, zoo and wild animals.
To submit a sample, complete a fillable case submission form and submit electronically. Keep a copy for your records. Forms can be faxed to 204-948-2654 in Winnipeg or e-mailed to Alternatively, forms can be filled out by hand and submitted along with the sample(s). Please ensure writing is legible otherwise, missing or unreadable information may result in delays.

Submission Forms Instructions
Bovine Submission Form (PDF 203 KB) Download (PDF 143 KB)
Chain of Custody Form (PDF 110 KB) ---
Companion Animal Submission Form (PDF 231 KB) Download (PDF 225 KB)
Equine Submission Form (PDF 221 KB) Download (PDF 217 KB)
Honey Bee Submission Form (PDF 143 KB) Download (PDF 108 KB)
Multiple ID Downloadable Sheet (Excel 26 KB) Download (PDF 88 KB)
Ovine, Caprine, Camelid, Cervid Submission Form (PDF 229 KB) Download (PDF 136 KB)
Porcine Submission Form (PDF 197 KB) Download (PDF 155 KB)
Poultry Submission Form (PDF 219 KB) Download (PDF 229 KB)
Zoo and Wildlife Submission Form (PDF 164 KB) ---

Notice on Confidentiality and Disclosure of Results

All information submitted to VDS and test results shall be regarded as confidential and will not be placed in the public domain or disclosed to other entities or organizations outside of VDS, except: 
  1. to the submitting clinic and to any other persons or entities indicated on the Case Submission Form;
  2. to other persons or entities where requested in writing by the Submitter to VDS (such as for forwarding to referral laboratories); 
  3. to necessary persons and entities (including the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and/or Manitoba Chief Veterinary Office as required by legislation respecting reportable diseases and for the surveillance and protection of animal and human health; and
  4. with respect to test results (where identifying information has been removed), to established surveillance systems and networks further to information sharing agreements for the purpose of animal health surveillance. 
This obligation of confidentiality does not apply to any information already made publicly available by the Submitter.

Notice on Ownership and Further Testing of Submitted Materials

All materials (e.g. specimens, samples) submitted to VDS and any information or intellectual property identified by or arising from such submitted materials belong to VDS and is considered proprietary information, unless other arrangements are made in writing with VDS at the time of the submission.
On request, VDS will forward submitted materials to referral laboratories with appropriate containment levels. 

Where there is a confirmed or suspected reportable disease, the submitted materials may be forwarded to the CFIA for confirmatory testing.

VDS reserves the right to reject the release of submitted materials following completion of a risk assessment. 

Notice on Animal Remains

We do not release remains to owners or clinics under any circumstances. A request for cremation of companion animals may be made at the time of sample submission.

Privacy Notice

The VDS collects and uses the personal information required on the Case Submission Forms to process the testing request, to contact the Submitter with the test results, and for contact and tracking purposes in the management, control, surveillance and prevention of reportable diseases and hazards under The Animal Diseases Act. The VDS is authorized to collect the personal information under clauses 36(1)(b) of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), because the collection of the personal information relates to and is necessary for the above-mentioned purposes. The VDS collects only as much personal information as is necessary for these purposes and the personal information is protected by FIPPA. The VDS cannot use or disclose the personal information provided for other purposes, unless the Submitter consents or the VDS is authorized to do so by FIPPA. The personal information received by the VDS will be kept in a confidential file and access to the information will be limited to individuals who require access to the information.
It may be necessary for the VDS to disclose some of the Submitter’s personal information provided on the Case Submission Forms (such as name and contact information) to entities and organizations outside of the VDS (including, but not limited to the CFIA, other Government of Manitoba departments, marketing boards or agencies and persons who may be exposed to reportable diseases or hazards) for the purposes of disease control, management, surveillance or prevention and protection of animal or human health. The outside entities and organizations referred to above will be instructed to not use or disclose the personal information except for these purposes.
If you have any questions or concerns about the VDS’s collection, use or disclosure of personal information, please contact Manitoba Agriculture’s Access and Privacy Coordinator at 204-945-4823 in Winnipeg or email

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