Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program

Program and Services

  • Manage agricultural Crown lands, including all leases and permits
  • Promote improvement in the productivity and the sustainable use of agricultural Crown lands


Applicants must be 18 years of age, Canadian citizens or have landed immigrant status and be residents in Manitoba actively involved in the management of a farm or ranch.

Available Services

  • Information and direction on all aspects of agricultural Crown land use in Manitoba
  • Extension services in all areas of livestock, forages and land management


  • Pasture at comparable market value using a formula which is reviewed in years divisible by five
  • Cropping lands are tendered to highest bidder
  • Development (land improvements) is done at lessee cost and rental rates are not increased for an agreed-upon number of years, depending on the extent of the development


Manitoba Agriculture
Agricultural Crown Lands
PO Box 1286
36 Armitage Avenue
Minnedosa MB R0J 1E0
Office: 204-867-6550
Fax: 204-867-6578


Manitoba Agriculture, Farm Production Advisors, Crown Lands District Offices.