In this section you can learn about provincial land use policies and services, opportunities to lease Crown land and access a library of soil reports and maps.

Farm land plays an essential role in building healthy and prosperous communities. Proper planning and use can ensure Manitoba farm land will always be a source of opportunity.

The starting point is clear public policies that respect the rights of farmers and residents when land use decisions are made. Visit the Land Use Planning page to learn how farmers can have a voice in these local land use decisions. The Foreign Ownership page explains policies that are preserving farm land for use by Canadians.

Government-owned lands are another opportunity to support agricultural production. Visit the Crown Land page to learn about leasing opportunities and sustainable use.

To make the best possible decisions about land management, important resources are the Soil Survey Reports, which map soil types throughout the province, and Land Map Viewers.


Land Use by Area charts the amount of land used for crops, fallow and pasture in each Manitoba agricultural region. For other related data, visit the Markets and Statistics page.

Land and Population Census Data shows the amount of land used for different types of farm enterprises, plus rural/urban/farm population numbers. For other related data, visit the Markets and Statistics page.

A Legal Guide to Plan Farmland Ownership in Manitoba is a tool for ensuring that farm business plans cover all of the land owner’s rights and responsibilities.

For more information

Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office.