This section describes some examples of offences under The Animal Care Act, and the potential outcomes of violations. For a full copy of the legislation, please see The Animal Care Act and Animal Care Regulation 126/98. 


 Under The Animal Care Act, it is an offence to: 
   - cause an animal suffering, serious injury, extreme anxiety or distress  
   - not provide adequate food and water 
   - expose animals to extreme cold or heat 
   - not provide suitable medical attention if wounded or ill 
   - keep animals confined in an area of insufficient space 
   - keep animals in unsanitary conditions 
   - keep animals confined without adequate ventilation 
   - not allowing animals an opportunity for sufficient exercise

Charges under the act

If violations to The Animal Care Act are discovered, the matter is investigated and charges may be filed. Charges may include:  

      - Common Offence Notice (CON) or court prosecution, with potential imprisonment, and a ban on pet ownership. 


      - Violation of any of the laws under The Animal Care Act can result in:  
         - up to a year in jail 
         - tickets with fines of up to $20,000 
         - ban on pet ownership 


For more information, please contact the Animal Care Line, or call 204-945-8000 (in Winnipeg); 1-888-945-8001 (toll free).