Manitoba Horse Hay: Nutrition and Feeding

Manitoba the Heart of North American Hay Production

Discover Manitoba, a province in the centre of Canada, with 7 million hectares of prime prairie agricultural land. Clean air, abundant clean water and fertile soils are used by our knowledgeable farmers to produce the most lush, highest quality hay in the world.

Manitoba's northern climate provides ideal conditions for high quality hay production. Summer days see 17 hours of sunshine. Those long, warm days and cool summer nights provide perfect growing conditions for sweeter, more palatable forage. The short growing season and Manitoba's cold winters allow for forage production without pesticides or chemicals. It's the perfect scenario for buyers seeking forage free of insects and impurities.

Manitoba's central location expediates efficient hay transport

Whether by truck, train, sea or air, Manitoba's central location provides the ideal launch point for hay shipments throughout North America and around the world.

Manitoba is located on the north/south axis of the mid-continent trade corridor. Manitoba hay is within one day's trucking distance to over 80 million people. Winnipeg, our capital city operates one of the few 24-hour airports in North America.