Financial Assistance

Manure Management Financial Assistance Program

This program provides financial assistance to help small pig operations (less than 300 animal units) build additional manure storage capacity to eliminate winter application of manure; help all sizes of pig operations repair manure storage structures to reduce the risk of leakage; and help all sizes of pig operations install manure treatment systems to meet the soil test phosphorus thresholds.

Eligible applicants include individuals, partnerships and operations incorporated under federal, provincial or territorial laws that are involved in the business of farming.
Applicants must own, rent, lease, manage or control agricultural land used to produce pigs and must have completed an Environmental Farm Plan, or an Equivalent Agri-Environmental Plan, with a valid Statement of Completion.

  • Co-ordination and support of this program that provides financial assistance to improve manure management practices including increased manure storage capacity, manure storage repair and solid-liquid separation systems. 
  • Technical assistance for the development of on-farm phosphorus balance assessments. 
  • Assessment of manure treatment technologies through on-farm research and demonstration projects.
  • Extension activities that help livestock producers understand the Livestock Manure and Mortalities Management Regulation (MR 42/98)
The expected outcomes include:
  • Greater ability of the pig industry to respond to new environmental requirements in a manner which provides ongoing socio-economic and environmental benefits including improved water quality.
  • Enhanced public trust of the pig industry.
  • Reduced nutrient transport to water.
  • Decreased winter application of manure.
  • Decreased use of commercial fertilizers.
  • Decreased build-up of soil test phosphorus.
  • Decreased phosphorus loads to Lake Winnipeg.
  • Improved quality of Lake Winnipeg.
  • Improved economic sustainability, with potential for reducing the number of pig farms in Manitoba exiting the industry due to the increased environmental requirements. 




All intakes for the Manure Management Financial Assistance Program are now closed.
Please check back for upcoming intake dates.