Business Management

The way you structure and manage your business can create a strong foundation for growth and peace of mind. Explore these topics and resources you can use to make sound decisions.

Business Structure
Many factors may influence the structure you choose for your farm or agribusiness. Knowledge and advice can help you choose the one that best suits your operation.

Farmland Ownership
When you inherit, buy, rent or lease your farmland, you need a business plan that covers all the consideration of ownership. Read more about this topic, including:
  • forms of ownership, rights and responsibilities
  • buying, selling, renting 
  • titles, transfers, legal contracts
Human Resources
High-performing farms needs high-performing employees. A strong, reliable, engaged team gives your farm a competitive advantage – and it starts with a good human resources plan. 




Hiring an Advisor for your Farm (PDF)

Did You Know about the Farm Machinery and Equipment Act?


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