The Food Development Centre

The Food Development Centre (FDC) is a non-profit, fee-for-service special operating agency, under the authority of the Manitoba government. The FDC offers a variety of services to the food processing and ingredients industry. FDC has capabilities to:

  • extract protein from various commodities (plant and animal sources) and processing co products
  • create innovative product applications for customers
  • blend product ingredients to make a health claim
  • use natural ingredients for higher consumer acceptance
  • turn low value co-products into higher value ingredients and foods
  • create food products high in protein from plant-based (pulses, oilseeds or cereals) or animal sources (meat, eggs or dairy)
  • create protein food products, such as bars, baked goods, snacks, beverages (ready to drink and dry-mixes), meat alternatives and extenders

FDC has technical expertise and a 57,450 square foot facility to provide the following services:

  • wet protein extraction technologies, including centrifugation, isoelectric precipitation, membrane filtration and enzyme-assisted extraction, to create protein concentrates and isolates
  • dry protein extraction technologies, such as air classification or grinding and sifting oilseed press cakes, pulse and grain flours, to create protein-enriched fractions
  • functional testing, such as foaming, gelling, water binding, solubility and emulsification
  • regulatory assistance on protein-related claims and nutritional labeling
  • protein analysis, such as protein quality, on-site protein content analysis, sensory evaluation, and shelf life testing
  • formulation of protein-rich foods and scale-up and test market production

FDC offers some of these services in collaboration with other Manitoba organizations.


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