Alexander Cherban Agriculture Industry

Development Program

The Alexander Cherban Agriculture Industry Development Program - (ACAIDP) supports projects that strengthen leadership within the agriculture sector focussing on innovation and activities that encourage public trust and agriculture industry advancement.
On his death in 2013, Alexander Cherban, a farmer from the Swan Valley region, bequeathed his estate of approximately $900,000 to Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development.  Two grant programs were established to support agricultural and economic development.  In 2018, the department allocated $450,000 to the Community Foundation of Swan Valley Inc. to create and administer the Cherban Endowment. Remaining funds have been allocated to the Alexander Cherban Agriculture Industry Development Program - ACAIDP.
 ACAIDP will provide up to $50,000 per year for projects from Manitoba non-profit organizations, governments or academic institutions for innovative province-wide initiatives that:
·         increase public awareness about the importance of agriculture to the economy
·         build public trust for agriculture and agri-processing
·         support agriculture skills development and promotion of agriculture and food-related career opportunities 
Manitoba 4-H Council Inc., manages and administers the ACAIDP program on behalf of the province.  Application forms are available on the M4HC website  . The next intake deadline is February 28, 2023.