Canola Screenings for Growing Steers

Oilseed screenings are often available as an alternative feed source for cattle. Their use may be limited, however, due to their high fat content (20-23%). Dietary fat levels above 5% are often associated with decreased fibre digestion and reduced feed intake.

Research from the University of Saskatchewan (Can. J. An.Sci. 80:153, 2000) evaluated the effects of feeding 4 levels of dietary fat, from processed (ground and pelleted) canola seed screenings, on the voluntary intake of growing steers. Feeding diets with 6.7, 10, 12.8 and 16.2% fat resulted in intakes of 2.26, 2.29, 2.1 and 1.83%, respectively, as a % of body weight. The study shows that up to 10% dietary fat, from canola screenings, can be fed to growing steers without affecting feed intake.

Source: Nutrition Update
Volume 12 No.1