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Markets and Statistics Page
This section is your gateway to hundreds of factual reports describing Manitoba’s dynamic agriculture and natural resources sectors.
For in-depth information on individual agricultural sectors, visit the Crops and Livestock pages. To link to farm income and expenses statistics, visit the Financial page. On the Economic Analysis page, you can find economic research reports, sectoral impact studies, and other reports.
On the Trade page, you will find links to import and export statistics, as well as many reports on global market challenges for our industries. The Food and Value-Added page links to resources describing the industry's economic contribution, as well as sales and market trends.
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New Report Releases

June 25, 2024: The Manitoba Markets Hog Prices report  (PDF) is now available.

June 21, 2024: The Manitoba Trade with the U.S. (PDF) is now available.

June 21, 2024:  The Farm Financial Statistics, 2008 - 2023 (XLSX) and the Farm Expenditures, 2018 - 2023 (XLSX) are now available.

are now available.

June 18, 2024: Manitoba Markets Hog Prices report (PDF) is now available.

June 13, 2024: The Manitoba Markets Historic Livestock Prices - Monthly, 2005 - May 2024 (XLSX) is now available.

June 11, 2024: The Livestock Exports - Monthly, 2006 - April 2024 (XLSX) is now available. 

June 6, 2024: The updated Agriculture and Agri-food Statistics Factsheet 2024 is now available.

June 4, 2024: The updated Agriculture Sector Profile (PDF) is now available.
May 31, 2024: The 2023 Farm Income Annual Report (PDF) is now available.
May 8, 2024: The Milk Powder Market in Mexico report (PDF) is now available.
May 6, 2024: The Hog Sector Profile 2023 (PDF), Beef Cattle Sector Profile 2023 (PDF) and the Sheep Sector Profile 2023 (PDF) are now available.