Protein Food Choices


Click above to listen to Protein food choices: Plant and animal sources explained

Canola's Bright Future


Click above to listen to Canola's bright future: Breeding research aims to add 'high quality protein' to the list of nutritional benefits 

The Role of Cattle in the Environment


Click above to listen to The role of cattle in the environment: More complex than the simple "Cattle = GHG"

Micro organisms in our Food and in our Bodies


Click above to listen to Micro organisms in our food and in our bodies: Tips to nurture the good and destroy the bad

Attracting Wild Bees and other Beneficial
Insects to Farmland

Click above to listen to Dr. Yvonne Lawley and
Dr. Jason Gibbs' latest research

Increasing Consumption of Pulses through
Optimal Storage, Milling and Processing

Click above to listen to why Dr. Jitendra Paliwal
believes that pulses can be one of the most
underrated crops

Is Strip Till a Fit for your Farm?

Click above to listen to the on-farm research
that is providing the answer

Needle-free Vaccination Systems for Cattle

Click above to hear about the use of needle-free injection systems for cattle based on research

How to Add More Plant-based Proteins
to your Meals

Click above to listen to tips and ideas for where
to find plant-based protein and how to add
more of them to our weekly meals

Canada's Verified Beef Production
Plus Program

Click above to listen to Betty Green, Manitoba's VBP+ coordinator, describe the program and share
her own personal story as a Manitoba farmer

Tips for Small-scale Poultry Farmers

Click above to listen to strategies that small and
hobby farms can put into practice to promote
and improve animal health and welfare

Antimicrobial use in Canadian Livestock

Click above to listen to a discussion on recent changes in regulations as well as the advancements in antibiotic alternatives to ensure livestock health and food safety

Manitoba's Food Development Centre 

Click above to listen to information on how the FDC
is bringing together scientists and entrepreneurs
to drive innovation and fuel our economy