Commercial Potato Production and Management




Field Selection, Soil Management And Fertilizers



  • Harvest Management (PDF 505 KB) *
    •   Harvest Timing, Chemical Maturity, Vine Killing, Bruise Prevention


Water Management



Organic And Pesticide Free Production


On Farm Food Safety/ BioSecurity/ Traceability


Pest Management


Related Sites 


News and Events

  • Manitoba Potato News
    This site features up-to-date information for potato growers including Late Blight Forecasts, Aphid Report and Crop Status and Crop Water Demand.



Planting Management

  • Planting Management (PDF 461 KB)
    • In-row Seed Spacing, Planting for Better Stand, Yield and Quality

Potato Storage

  • Potato Storage Management (PDF 1 MB) *
    • Storage Structures and Ventilation, Storage Cycle, Storing Chemically Immature Potatoes, Special Storage Problems, CIPC Sprout Inhibition, Food Safety


Seed Potato Production

  • Seed Potato Production Management (PDF 1.1 MB) *
    • Seed Potato Act and Regulations, Early Generation Seed Production, Production Practices, Post Harvest Testing, Grading and Marketing


Seed Selection, Storage And Cutting

  • Seed Selection, Storage and Cutting  (PDF 493 KB) *
    • Whole Versus Cut Seed, Sanitation, Handing and Storage of Seed Lots, Seed Cutting, Determining Cut-Seed Size, Planting Rates


The Potato Plant




* This information is adapted from the publication titled "Guide to Commercial Potato Production on the Canadian Prairies published by the Western Potato Council"  (PDF 11 MB), 2003.