Current Crop Topics

The latest information on crop management and agronomy issues in field and horticultural crops in Manitoba.  

General Agronomy

Check Your Soybean Nodulation and Nitrogen Rescue if Necessary  (PDF 700 KB).

Post-Anthesis-Nitrogen for Wheat Enhancement in Wheat (PDF 466 KB)  

Potatssium Deficiency in Corn  (PDF 319KB)  

It's Probably Not Giant Hogweed - Poisonous Plants of the Carrot Family Poster (PDF 193KB)    

Corn Concerns and Curiosities (PDF 188 KB)   

Assessing Corn Uniformity (PDF 613 KB)  

How Are Dry Conditions Affecting Crop Development (PDF 65 KB)  

Coloured Corn in Fields (PDF 667 KB)  

Staging Corn Correctly (PDF 405 KB)   

Copper Deficiency in Wheat  (PDF 445 KB)