Manitoba Agriculture produces free Livestock webinars- live and on demand.  Manitoba Agriculture specialists and invited guests will speak to a variety of topics related to livestock feed and nutrition, marketing and production management.
Please do not share your hyperlink to the webinar only one person can enter the webinar on each link. By registering, you will receive an email with the link to the recorded webinar for viewing at a time that is more convenient to you. 
StockTalk webinars are also available on YouTube at:

StockTalk Webinars

Upcoming Webinars
March 21, 2019
Planning your Grazing System
Pamela Iwanchysko, Manitoba Agriculture
9:30 a.m.

Past Webinars

February, 2019 Practical Watering Systems for Cattle: Summer & Winter 
Ray Bittner, Manitiba Agriculture 
January, 2019 Beef Market Update & Forecast
Sandy Russell Spring Creek Consulting 
November, 2018 Calculating Profitibilty in the Manitoba Cattle Industry
Benjamin Hamm, Farm Enterprise Managment Specialist,  Manitoba Agriculture
October, 2018 Alternative Feeds & Streching Feed Supplies
Shawn Cabak, Farm Production Extension Specialist - Livestock,  Manitoba Agriculture
April, 2018 What you may not know about WLPIP
Jason Dobbin, Livestock Price Insurance Coordinator, MASC 
Introduction to the WLPIP Decision Calculator
Ben Hamm, Farm Enterprise Management Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
January, 2018
WCCCS II : Learning How Producers Measure & Manage 
Kathy Larson,
Research Economist, WBDC
July, 2017
Premises Identification- How it Benefits Your Farm 
Kari-Ann Weddall,
Manitoba Agriculture
March, 2017
Update on Dairy Cow Lameness
Dr. Rob Berry,
Dairy Cattle Specialist,Manitoba Agriculture
February, 2017
Starting or Expanding a Livestock Operation in Manitoba - What Rules Apply?
Sheri Grift, 
Land Use Planning Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture  
January , 2017
Planned Grazing – Does a little work go a long way? 
Pamela Iwanchysko,  
Livestock Farm Production Extension Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture 
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