Soil Sampling for Clubroot

Soil samples should be a composite of five, one cup scoops of soil taken at each of five stops in one field. As clubroot concentration have been found to be the highest at field approaches in infected fields, the samples should be taken within the vicinity of where equipment would usually enter into the field.
1.    Travelling in a “W” pattern, stop at the five points of the “W” keeping each of these five points at least 20 metres from each other and at least 20 metres from the field edge.
2.    Clear away residue from the soil surface, and scoop approximately one cup of the top zero to 10 cm of soil at each site (total one litre from all five sites combined).
3.    Air-dry soil samples in paper boxes and send them to a laboratory for DNA testing.
Laboratories that Provided Analysis for Clubroot in Soil:
A&L Laboratories (London)
Address: 2136 Jetstream Rd,
London, Ontario,  Canada  N5V 3P5
Phone: 519-457-2575 or toll free 1-855-837-8347
BioVision Seed Labs (Edmonton)
Address: 7225B Roper Road,
Edmonton, AB T6B 3J4
Phone: Toll free 1-800-952-5407
Discovery Seeds Lab (Saskatoon)
Address: 450 Melville St.,
Saskatoon SK S7J 4M2
Phone:  306-249-4484
Plant Surveillance Initiative Lab (Winnipeg)
Address: 5A-1325 Markham Road,
Winnipeg, MB R3T 4J6
20/20 Seed Labs (Nisku)
Address: 507 11th Ave,
Nisku AB T9E 7N5
Phone: Toll free 1-877-420-2099