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Assistance with the scale up of your food and beverage products for commercialization can be provided by ARD-Food Development Centre (ARD-FDC). ARD-FDC is a fee-for-service facility that provides technical and research assistance for agri-food businesses, with a services focus on plant and animal protein products and ingredients to support the Manitoba Protein Advantage (MPA). Contact us today by emailing

In the About the Sector section, you can learn about exciting new opportunities to manufacture products from agricultural fibre and crop by-products.   


What's New

Is Your Food Company Ready for E-commerce?

With growing local competition and the increased use of the internet, greater emphasis on convenience and product customization among all demographic segments, it is becoming more important than ever for food companies to expand their business marketing channels. Before taking your food business online, consider using our new Is Your Company Ready for E-commerce? resource to help you assess your overall e-commerce readiness.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) E-commerce resource hub
AAFC has established anE-commerce resource hub where Canadian agri-food companies can access resources to take advantage of global opportunities to sell food and beverage products online.