Food Processing and Distribution Facilities with Manitoba Agriculture Issued Permits

In Manitoba, two provincial departments are responsible for food safety inspections in facilities that are not federally registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA):

  • Manitoba Agriculture (MB Ag) is responsible for inspecting food processing plants (where the primary business is not direct marketing to consumers), abattoirs and warehouses
  •  Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) is responsible for inspecting food service and food retailers

Manitoba Agriculture health officers play an important role in ensuring the safety of all food that is processed and distributed from provincially registered facilities within Manitoba.

Permit Categories

Permits issued are specific to the type of product manufactured. Permit categories include:

Bottling Plant – Facilities with permits in this category include water bottling plants, soft drink manufacturers, breweries, wineries, distilleries, juice manufacturers, ice making plants and other similar plants.

Food Processing – Facilities with permits in this category include food operations that produce processed food products (ex: condiments, candy, snack food, other prepared food).

Meat and Fish Processing – Facilities with permits in this category include operations that make various meat products ranging from raw meat cuts to products such as sausage and jerky. Also in this category are facilities that make products like smoked fish. Their permits only allow the products to be sold within Manitoba. 

Minimal Food Processing – Facilities with permits in this category include operations that make products with simple processes and few ingredients (ex: grain and seed cleaning and packaging facilities, flour mills, oil processors, coffee manufacturers, fresh fruit and vegetable processors).

Food Distribution – Facilities with permits in this category include operations that store and distribute food products. 

Basic Meat – Facilities with permits in this category are only allowed to handle uninspected meat for return to producers. They are not allowed to sell meat.

Dairy and Other Pasteurized Products – Facilities with permits in this category process dairy products (ex: raw milk cheese) or pasteurized non-dairy products (ex: apple cider).

Meat Slaughter – Facilities with permits in this category are abattoirs that slaughter animals under the oversight of a government inspector to produce meat for sale within the province. 

Facilities with Permits

The following list includes only facilities with permits issued by MB Ag. A facility not appearing on this list may have a permit to operate issued by MHSAL or may be licensed or registered by another jurisdiction.

This list was last updated December 3, 2018 and is updated on an annual basis. 




Facility Name  Permit Category Community
204 Spirits  Bottling Plant Springfield, R.M.
21 Century Trading (MB) Ltd.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
7-Eleven Food Centre  Food Processing Winnipeg
A & M Water Depot Ltd  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Adagio Acres  Minimal Food Processing Coldwell, R.M.
Adele's Sweet Moments  Food Processing St. Andrews, R.M.
ADM Milling  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Agassiz Seed Farm  Minimal Food Processing Dufferin, R.M.
AGT Foods Canada - St. Joseph  Minimal Food Processing St. Joseph
AGT Foods Canada - St. Joseph  Minimal Food Processing St. Joseph
All Natural Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Carman
Amanda Lynn Local Foods & Gifts  Food Processing Ste. Anne, R.M.
Arabelle's Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Aramark Refreshments  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Arborg Bakery  Food Processing Arborg
Archie's Meats & Grocery  Meat & Fish Processing Starbuck
Arctic Beverages  Food Distribution Thompson
Arctic Beverages  Food Distribution Flin Flon
Arctic Beverages  Food Distribution The Pas
Arctic Beverages LP  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Arctic Buying Company Inc  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Arctic Glacier Inc.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Arnason Distributors Ltd  Food Distribution Thompson
Aryzta Limited  Food Processing Winnipeg
Austin Cut & Wrap  Meat & Fish Processing Austin
B & R Meats  Basic Meat Emerson-Franklin, R.M.
Ba Ba Babisky  Food Processing East Selkirk
Bake World  Food Processing Steinbach
BakeMark  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Bakery Bros. on the Mound  Food Processing Pilot Mound
Banman Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Schanzenfeld
Bar Y Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Deloraine-Winchester, R.M.
Barn Hammer Brewing Company  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Bee Boyzz Honey/Paseschnikoff Apiaries  Minimal Food Processing Oak Bluff
Bella's Gourmet Honey Products  Minimal Food Processing Hanover, R.M.
Benito Premium Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Benito
Bernier Meats Ltd  Meat & Fish Processing Armstrong, R.M.
Best Cooking Pulses  Minimal Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Birtle Abattoir  Meat & Fish Processing Birtle
BJ Packers  Meat & Fish Processing Brokenhead, R.M.
Black Pearl Coffee  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Bliss Gourmet Baked Goods Inc.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Blue Egg Bake Shoppe  Food Processing Narol
Blue Moon Water Systems  Bottling Plant Brandon
Blue Moon Water Systems  Bottling Plant Portage La Prairie
BMT Foods  Food Processing Manitou
Boissevain Bakery and Coffee Shop  Food Processing Boissevain
Bon Vivant Premium BBQ Sauces  Food Processing Winnipeg
Bones and Marrow Broth Company  Food Processing Warren
Border Trail Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Cartwright-Roblin, R.M.
Boulangerie St. Pierre Bakery  Food Processing St. Pierre Jolys
Boundary Water Springs  Food Distribution Roland, R.M.
Brar Natural Flour Mills  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Broad Valley Meat Shop  Meat & Fish Processing Fisher, R.M.
Buffalo Creek Mills Ltd  Minimal Food Processing Altona
Bunge Canada  Minimal Food Processing Altona
Bunge Canada  Minimal Food Processing Harrowby
Butter Bee  Food Processing Steinbach
C + B Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Winkler
Canada Bread Company  Food Processing Winnipeg
Canada Bread Company Ltd.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Canada Compound  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Canadian Gold Beverages (2012)  Bottling Plant La Broquerie, R.M.
Canadian International Grains Institute  Food Processing Winnipeg
Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
CanAqua Inc  Bottling Plant Flin Flon
CanSat  Minimal Food Processing Arborg
Cantor's Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Capital K Distillery Inc  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Carman Bakery & Pastry Shop  Food Processing Carman
Cavalier Candies Ltd  Food Processing Winnipeg
Chicken Chef Canada Ltd  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Chinese Universal  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Chocolatier Constance Popp  Food Processing Winnipeg
City Bread  Food Processing Winnipeg
Clear Spring Ice  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Coca-Cola Bottling  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Coca-Cola Bottling  Food Distribution Brandon
Cold Country Pork  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Common Sense Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Common Sense Natural Products  Food Processing Winnipeg
Cookie Dough Creations Etc.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Core-Mark International Inc.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Corpell's Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Country Crocus Bakeshop  Food Processing Hamiota
Country Meat & Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Blumenort
Countryside Slaughtering & Meat Cutting  Basic Meat Hanover, R.M.
Covenant Growers / Marcus Wiebe  Bottling Plant Winkler
Crampton's Manitoba Maid  Food Processing Starbuck
Cranked Energy  Food Processing Winnipeg
Creamela Peanut Butter Inc  Food Processing Winnipeg
Creative Food Products  Food Processing Winnipeg
Crescent Multi Foods A d/b/a of the North West Company  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Crystal Clear Water Centre  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
CT Foods  Food Processing Winkler
Cuisine by Noel  Food Processing Warren
Culligan Water Conditioning  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Cut Rite Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Carberry
Cypress Meats & More  Meat & Fish Processing Lorne, R.M.
Danny's Whole Hog Barbeque  Meat & Fish Processing Rockwood, R.M.
DDJ Saskatoons  Minimal Food Processing Warren
De Luca Speciality Foods  Food Distribution Oak Bluff
De Luca Speciality Foods  Minimal Food Processing Oak Bluff
De Luca Speciality Foods  Food Processing Oak Bluff
De Ruyck's Top of the Hill Farm  Minimal Food Processing Victoria, R.M.
Dead Horse Cider Company Inc.  Bottling Plant Winkler
Delo Pure & Simple  Bottling Plant Otterburne
Demand Marketing Inc  Food Distribution Winnipeg
DeRuycks Top of the Hill Farm - Cleaning  Minimal Food Processing Treherne
Devil May Care Brewing  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Diamond Water Express  Bottling Plant Brandon
Diamond Waterworks  Bottling Plant Neepawa
Diva Delights  Food Processing Winnipeg
DLM Logistics Corp  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Dogwood Coffee Canada  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Donut House  Food Processing Winnipeg
Double D's Cheesecake and Coffee House  Food Processing Winnipeg
Dr. Beetroot  Food Processing Winnipeg
Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Alexander, R.M.
Dyna-Pro Environmental  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Earl's Meat Market  Meat & Fish Processing Steinbach
East 40 Packers Ltd  Meat & Fish Processing Brandon
Eautopia Biological Technology Inc.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
El Vecino Foods  Food Processing Steinbach
Empire Spice Mills  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Faraci Foods Inc  Food Processing Headingley
Farmer Style Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Thompson, R.M.
Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.  Bottling Plant Neepawa
Favour Rite Foods  Meat & Fish Processing Cartier, R.M.
Federated Co-op Ltd  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Ferment for You  Food Processing St. Clements, R.M.
First Choice Distribution Company Ltd.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Floating Leaf Fine Foods  Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Floating Leaf Fine Foods/Shoal Lake Wild  Minimal Food Processing Springfield, R.M.
Floating Leaf Fine Foods/Shoal Lake Wild  Food Processing Springfield, R.M.
Flowing Grains Inc 2  Minimal Food Processing MacGregor
Flowing Grains Inc. / Progressive Foods Inc.  Minimal Food Processing North Norfolk, R.M.
Fluey Trading  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Food Systems Management Ltd.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Fort Garry Brewing Company  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Fortify Natural Foods  Food Processing Winnipeg
Freefield Organics Inc.  Minimal Food Processing Inglis
Frères Jacques Ent  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Fresh Forage  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Ste. Agathe
Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Frito-Lay Canada  Food Distribution Dauphin
Frito-Lay Canada  Food Distribution Gilbert Plains
Frito-Lay Canada  Food Distribution Ashern
Frito-Lay Canada  Food Distribution Brandon
Frito-Lay Canada  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Frito-Lay Canada  Food Distribution Beausejour
Gardewine Warehousing  Food Distribution Winnipeg
George Wakefield Foods Inc.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Global Grain Canada Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Plum Coulee
Global Grain Canada Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Rhineland, R.M..
God's Acres  Minimal Food Processing La Broquerie, R.M.
Good People Foods Inc.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Goodies Bake Shop  Food Processing Winnipeg
Gordon Food Services  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Gordon Food Services  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Gourmet Inspirations  Food Processing Warren
Green Bean Coffee Imports  Minimal Food Processing St. Andrews, R.M.
Green Carrot Juice Co.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Green Oak Farms  Meat & Fish Processing Whitemouth, R.M.
Greetalia Food Products  Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Grunthal Bakery  Food Processing Grunthal
Grunthal Berries  Food Processing Grunthal
Gunn's Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
H2O 'N' Ice 2 Go  Bottling Plant Reston
Half Pints Brewing  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Harlan Fairbanks  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Harris Meats & Groceries  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Health Basics  Bottling Plant Dauphin
Heartland Meat Products  Meat & Fish Processing Horndean
Hemp Sense Inc  Minimal Food Processing Gilbert Plains
Heyru  Minimal Food Processing Warren
Hidjak Quail Farm  Egg Cleaning & Packaging Steinbach
High Tea Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Hildegard's Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Hilltop Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Thompson, R.M.
HMS Foods  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Hoffmann's Fine Foods  Food Processing Winnipeg
Holiday Ice  Bottling Plant Brandon
Hometown Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Powerview
Image Hill Inc.  Minimal Food Processing North Norfolk, R.M.
Integrity Foods  Food Processing Riverton
Interlake Packers Ltd.  Meat & Fish Processing St. Laurent, R.M.
J & H Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Tache, R.M.
J & S Meat  Meat & Fish Processing Souris-Glenwood, R.M.
Jack's Meat Cutting  Meat & Fish Processing Valley River
Jackson Springs Natural Spring Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Jarvis Meats Ltd  Meat & Fish Processing Gladstone
JD Hoggs Meat & Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Springfield, R.M.
Jeanne's Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Jerk Fish  Meat & Fish Processing Arnes
JK Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Grassland, R.M.
JW Potatoes  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Katy's Kookies  Food Processing Kemnay
Kawaii Crepe Commissary  Food Processing Winnipeg
Ken's Meat Cutting  Basic Meat Ste. Rose, R.M.
Keto Treats Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Killarney Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Killarney
Kilter Brewing Co.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Klassen Water & Ice  Bottling Plant Virden
Krown Produce Winnipeg  Food Distribution Winnipeg
KUB Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Kuipers Family Bakery  Food Processing Brandon
L.D.B. Pure Water Inc.  Bottling Plant Lac Du Bonnet
La Cocina  Food Processing Ste. Anne, R.M.
La Cocina Tortilla Chips  Food Processing Ste. Anne, R.M.
Le Croissant Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Leonard Koop  Meat & Fish Processing Wallace-Woodworth, R.M.
Lien's Spring Rolls  Food Processing Winnipeg
Litke Wholesale Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Little Brown Jug Brewing Company  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
LJ's Winnipeg Food Service  Food Processing Winnipeg
Loblaw Companies Limited  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Lolo's Premium Food Co.  Meat & Fish Processing Brokenhead, R.M.
Louis Trading Company  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Loveday Mushroom Farms Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Low's Distribution Centre Ltd.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Lucky Supermarket Warehouse  Food Distribution Winnipeg
M and C Commodities  Minimal Food Processing Brokenhead, R.M.
Mai's Leche Flan  Food Processing Winnipeg
Malteurop Canada Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Manitoba Starch Products  Minimal Food Processing Carberry
Maple Syrup of Manitoba  Minimal Food Processing McCreary, R.M.
Mariner Neptune / Preferred Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Martin-Brower  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Melita Bakery (1996)  Food Processing Melita
Menu Beyond Borders  Food Processing Winnipeg
Midlake South  Minimal Food Processing Arborg
Midlake Specialty Food Products  Minimal Food Processing Arborg
Midland Foods  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Minary Homestyle Bakery  Food Processing Souris
Minnie's Handmade Ethnic Treats  Food Processing Lundar
Mitchell Omichinski  Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Mom's Pantry Products  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Mondo Foods  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Mordens' of Winnipeg Candy Mfg  Food Processing Winnipeg
Mr Biltong Beef Jerky Company  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Mr. Ice  Bottling Plant Sandy Lake
MSPrebiotics INC  Minimal Food Processing Carberry
Mustard Millers of Canada Inc.  Minimal Food Processing Dufferin, R.M.
Naleway Caterers aka Perogy Planet  Food Processing Winnipeg
Naosap Harvest  Minimal Food Processing Cranberry Portage
Natalie's Lifesense Natural Foods  Food Processing New Bothwell
Natural Bakery Ltd.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Nature's Pasta  Food Processing Steinbach
Nestibo Agra Inc.  Minimal Food Processing Deloraine
Neva Farms  Minimal Food Processing Ste. Anne, R.M.
New Bothwell Country Style Meats  Meat & Fish Processing New Bothwell
Nickel Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Moosehorn
Nick's Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Gilbert Plains
Nonsuch Brewery Co.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
North Country Grains  Food Processing Bowsman
North Country Sausage & Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Armstrong, R.M.
Northern Meat Service  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Northern Meat Service  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Northern Oilseed Mills Inc.  Minimal Food Processing Rossendale
Nutri-Pea LP  Minimal Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Oak Ridge Meats  Meat & Fish Processing McCreary, R.M.
Oak River Quick Freeze  Meat & Fish Processing Oak River
Old Church Bakery  Food Processing Steinbach
Old Dutch Foods Ltd.  Food Distribution Brandon
Old Dutch Foods Ltd.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Old Dutch Foods Warehouse  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Old West Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Minitonas-Bowsman, R.M.
Olson Meats  Basic Meat Woodlands, R.M.
Olson's  Bottling Plant Deloraine
Oma's Bakeshop  Food Processing Winnipeg
OMG Candy  Food Processing Winnipeg
One Great City Brewing Company  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Other Brother Roasters  Food Processing Winkler
Oxus Brewing Company  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Park Avenue Vending / VIP Coffee  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Parkland Bakery  Food Processing Roblin
Patent 5 Distillery  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Patti Cakes  Food Processing Reston
Peak of the Market  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Penn-West Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Grey, R.M.
Pepsi Bottling Group  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Pepsi Bottling Group  Food Distribution Brandon
Pepsi Dauphin  Food Distribution Dauphin
PepsiCo Foods Canada  Food Distribution Altona
Pepsico Foods Canada  Food Distribution Swan River
PepsiCo Foods Canada  Food Distribution Winkler
Perfect Pierogies Ltd  Food Processing Garson
Perogies Plus  Food Processing Altona
Piccola Cucina  Food Processing Winnipeg
PineyFine Natural Spring Water  Bottling Plant Piney, R.M.
Pioneer Meat  Meat & Fish Processing Altona
Ploughshares Community Farm Inc.  Minimal Food Processing Brokenhead, R.M.
Plum Dog Water & Ice  Bottling Plant Wallace-Woodworth, R.M.
Polar Ice Sales 1999  Bottling Plant Flin Flon
Pollock Farms - Spelt Goodness  Minimal Food Processing Elton, R.M.
Prairie Abattoir Ltd  Meat & Fish Processing Portage La Prairie
Prairie Cricket Farms  Minimal Food Processing Manitou
Prairie Flax  Minimal Food Processing North Norfolk, R.M.
Prairie Flour Mills Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Elie
Prairie Quail Farms  Egg Cleaning & Packaging Cartier, R.M.
Prairie Rose Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Souris-Glenwood, R.M.
Pratts Wholesale Ltd  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Precision Produce  Minimal Food Processing De Salaberry, R.M.
Premiere Vending Inc.  Food Distribution Springfield, R.M.
Preserve by Flora & Farmer  Food Processing Winnipeg
Pricilla Giesbrecht  Food Processing Winkler
Prism Kombucha Co.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Professional Freight Management Warehouse & Distribution  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Pure Water Plus  Bottling Plant Brandon
PureFlow H2O  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Quality Vending & Coffee Services  Food Distribution Winnipeg
R & M Meats & Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Armstrong, R.M.
R.O.C. & The Fern Orchard and Gardens  Minimal Food Processing Lowe Farm
RA Distributing Ltd  Food Distribution Thompson
Rasa Holistic  Food Processing Winnipeg
Rede-Made Foods  Food Processing Winkler
Renard's Meat Services  Meat & Fish Processing Wallace-Woodworth, R.M.
Rhombus Coffee Company  Minimal Food Processing Brokenhead, R.M.
Richardson Milling  Minimal Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Ridge Water Product  Bottling Plant Langruth
Rigby Orchards Estate Winery  Bottling Plant Killarney-Turtle Mountain, R.M.
Ripple Rock Meat Shop  Meat & Fish Processing Thompson
Rise n Roll Bake Shop  Food Processing Schanzenfeld
River Valley Specialty Farms  Minimal Food Processing Bagot
Rocking U Feeders  Basic Meat MacGregor
Rocky Lake Birch Works  Minimal Food Processing Kelsey, R.M.
Rocky Lake Birch Works  Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Roll With Us  Food Processing Steinbach
Rolling Pin Bakery  Food Processing Killarney
Rosie's Pizza  Food Processing Ste. Rose, R.M.
Rossman Country Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Rossburn
RS Distribution Services Ltd.  Food Distribution Winnipeg
RW Consumer Products  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
S.S. Johnson Seeds Ltd  Minimal Food Processing Bifrost-Riverton, R.M.
Sammy  Food Processing Warren
Sandy Lake Locker Plant  Meat & Fish Processing Sandy Lake
Sauce It  Food Processing Starbuck
Scotch Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Scott Bathgate  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Scott Bathgate  Food Processing Winnipeg
Scott Bathgate  Food Processing Winnipeg
Scoular Morden  Minimal Food Processing Morden
Scoular Plum Coulee  Minimal Food Processing Plum Coulee
Scoular St. Jean Baptiste  Minimal Food Processing St. Jean Baptiste
Scoular Winkler  Sunflower  Minimal Food Processing Winkler
Scoular Winkler- Flax  Minimal Food Processing Winkler
Shape Foods  Minimal Food Processing Brandon
Shellmouth Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Roblin
Shrugging Doctor Brewing Company  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Simpson's Transfer  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Sky Blue Water Inc  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Sliced FC  Food Processing Winnipeg
Smak Dab  Food Processing Swan River
Smart&Natural Foods Ltd  Minimal Food Processing Arborg
Smile Pinoy Foods  Meat & Fish Processing Gladstone
Snackmart Inc.  Meat & Fish Processing Brokenhead, R.M.
Sobeys  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Sobeys RSC  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Solberry  Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Souris Valley Processors  Meat & Fish Processing Melita
Southern Manitoba Potato  Minimal Food Processing Winkler
Southern Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Schanzenfeld
Spenst Bros. Premium Meats  Food Processing Winkler
Spice World  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
St Claude Abattoir  Meat & Fish Processing St. Claude
St Malo Meat & Deli  Meat & Fish Processing St. Malo
Staples Advantage Warehouse  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Steads Farm Supply  Bottling Plant Boissevain-Morton, R.M.
Stella's Catering  Food Processing Winnipeg
Stone Angel Brewing Co.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Sunco Foods  Food Processing Winnipeg
Sunny Day Products Ltd  Minimal Food Processing Winkler
Sunny Day Products Ltd  Food Processing Winkler
Sunrise Bakery  Food Processing Powerview
Sunset Gourmet  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Sunstone Coffee Roastery  Minimal Food Processing Headingley
Superior Harvest Foods Inc  Minimal Food Processing Rhineland, R.M..
Sweet C Bakery  Food Processing Winnipeg
Sweet Truth Canadian Gourmet Candy Co. Inc.  Food Processing Warren
Sysco Food Services of Winnipeg  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Taj7 Distribution  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Tamarack Farms  Minimal Food Processing Clanwilliam-Erickson, R.M.
Tasty Tidbit Foods  Minimal Food Processing Haywood
Tenderloin Meat & Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
The Canadian Birch Company  Food Processing St. Clements, R.M.
The Canadian Birch Company  Food Processing Little Britain
The Country Perogy Shop  Food Processing Hanover, R.M.
The Farmers Daughter  Minimal Food Processing Carman
The Fluid Bean Coffee Roasters  Minimal Food Processing Mitchell
The Great Cheeky Food Company  Food Processing Winnipeg
The Great Gorp Project Inc.  Food Processing Ritchot, R.M.
The North West Company  Food Distribution Winnipeg
The Water Cooler Inc  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
The Water Shop  Bottling Plant Selkirk
The Watering Whole  Bottling Plant Arborg
The Winning Combination Inc  Food Distribution Winnipeg
The Winning Combination Inc.  Food Processing Winnipeg
Thompson Water Factory Ltd  Bottling Plant Thompson
Timothy's Country Butcher Shop  Meat & Fish Processing Dugald 
To-Le-Do Foodservice (Toledo)  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Torque Brewing Inc.  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Trail Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Neepawa
Trans Canada Brewing Co  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Trickle Creek General Store  Meat & Fish Processing McCreary
TS Food Services  Food Processing Portage La Prairie
Unger Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Hanover, R.M.
Valley Bakery and Pastry Shop  Food Processing Winkler
Valley Meat Packers  Meat & Fish Processing Minitonas-Bowsman, R.M.
Van Houtte Coffee Services  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Vandaele Seeds  Minimal Food Processing Medora
Vega Processing  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Vend-Tec  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Viterra Canola Processing  Minimal Food Processing Ste. Agathe
Viterra Inc. - Carman  Minimal Food Processing Carman
W. F. Farms Ltd.  Minimal Food Processing Portage La Prairie, R.M.
Waldner Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Hanover, R.M.
Wallace & Carey Inc  Food Distribution Winnipeg
Water Direct Plus  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Water Source Emporium  Bottling Plant Gimli
Watersong Farms  Meat & Fish Processing Woodlands, R.M.
Western Bakery  Food Processing Dauphin
Westman Processors  Meat & Fish Processing North Cypress-Langford, R.M.
Weston Bakeries Ltd  Food Distribution Winkler
Weston Bakeries Ltd.  Food Processing Winnipeg
WH Escott Company Ltd  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Wheat Song Bakery  Food Processing Morden
White Cap Distribution  Food Distribution Winnipeg
White Dove Water  Bottling Plant Dauphin
Wholesale Produce Supply  Minimal Food Processing Winnipeg
Wild West Seasonings  Minimal Food Processing Headingley
Winkler Potato Co. Ltd  Minimal Food Processing Winkler
Winnipeg Old Country Sausage  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
Winnipeg Specialty Meats  Meat & Fish Processing Winnipeg
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Brandon
World of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World of Water  Bottling Plant Selkirk
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World of Water  Bottling Plant Portage La Prairie
World Of Water  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
World Wise Brands Ltd. / HT Foods Ltd. (Formerly included NP Foods)  Food Distribution Winnipeg
WOW Water Sales  Bottling Plant Winnipeg
Ye Tsege Injera  Food Processing Winnipeg
Yummy Valley  Food Processing Winnipeg
Za Pizza Bistro  Food Processing Winnipeg
Zegher Seeds  Minimal Food Processing Victoria, R.M.



For more information email the Food Safety and Inspection Branch or call 204-795-8418 in Winnipeg.